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Marvel Reevolution: Call it a Relaunch and We'll Stab You

Written by ThanosCopter on Tuesday, July 03 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Marvel Reevolution: Call it a Relaunch and We'll Stab You

Even more details emerge about the Marvel NOW! initiative.

Marvel is promising to launch at least twenty-two new titles over a five month period in its new Marvel NOW! initative.  Stressing that it's not a reboot, the new initiative will feature characters in new, linier costumes and lots of new, number one issues.  At least one new title will be released every week, beginning with Uncanny Avengers in October.

Confirming the rumor from earlier, here's the descriptions and creative teams of the first three books to be released in the Marvel ReEvolution.  Note: the descriptions are not official, but have been provided by MTV Geek).

Uncanny Avengers #1 (October)

by Rick Remender & John Cassaday

From the "ashes" of "Avengers VS X-Men" the two teams come together for the first time to fight a new deadly foe -- the Red Skull, who wants to "x-out"  the mutant race (because Captain American didn't just try to do that).  Expect Captain America and Wolverine to be members, as well as a few "wild card" surprises!

All New X-Men #1 (November)

by Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen

Everything old is new again...after the original five X-Men suddenly reappear in the present! How do they get to the current time-period? What do they think about the events of Avengers VS X-Men? (Hint: they're probably horrified that Beast is a pompous furry douche, Cyclops is a villainous douche, Angel is a mindwiped, full-on evil douche, Iceman is a flip-floppy douche and Jean Grey is dead and memorialized by a school run by an awesome Canadian dude to which she is strangely attracted)

Avengers #1 (December)

by Jonathan Hickman & Jerome Opena

Details are sketchy so far on this relaunch, other than that the team lineup promises to be waaay different, and their focus will be more on threats to the universe, rather than just Earth. Can we expect some Thanos action here?

No word yet as to what the National Organization for Women thinks about the revamping of the Marvel line. 

Source: MTV Geek
Written or Contributed by: ThanosCopter

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