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Does the Amazing Spider-Man Have an Untold Story Behind the Untold Story?

Written by Zechs on Thursday, July 05 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Does the Amazing Spider-Man Have an Untold Story Behind the Untold Story?

Though it's raking in the dough, was there really a larger story cut from the Amazing Spider-Man? One blogger thinks so and has the evidence to prove it.

Source: Was The Untold Story Cut From THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN?

Devin Faraci from Bad Ass Digest has complied a heap of evidence to show that maybe just maybe all those plot holes some people had with the film are really due to cuts and that an underlying subplot has all but been removed from the movie. What you may ask? Well Faraci surmises the much hyped "Untold Story" has ironically continue to be untold. Here is a small sample of the notes he's complied on several scenes that have been cut. Also be warned as these are MASSIVE SPOILERS FOR THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN COVERED BELOW AND IN THE LINK PROVIDED TO FARACI'S ARTICLE:

The Connors Family, A Date And Some Other Stuff.

Every movie has scenes that are cut out simply for time or pacing. The Ratha and Peter's genetic destiny stuff feels like it was cut for larger issues (ie, not fucking the franchise from the reboot). This next stuff feels like it was cut for time.

Curt Connors wears a wedding ring, which we see a number of times. In the tie-in game he has a son. In the comic Connors' son is actually an important character. There is no wife or child in the movie. Annie Parisse was cast in the film as 'the villain's wife;' at the time we thought it might have been Ratha's wife (he was named Van Alter then, after an obscure character in the comics), but it seems likely she was actually Connors' wife.

At the press junket for the film Andrew Garfield said that his favorite scene was actually cut; it was a scene of Peter and Gwen on a romantic date, including them swinging around a lamppost. The beginning of this is in the movie, and plays as an homage to the 'Can you read my mind' sequence in 1978's Superman.

Was there more with the SWAT Lizards? It's such an odd choice to turn a SWAT team into monsters... and then never go back to them. Could an earlier version of the script have Spider-Man get injured fighting them before his final battle? In the film Spider-Man takes a bullet from a cop with a hearing problem, which doesn't play as dramatically.

There's evidence in the trailers that the dinner with the Stacy family was longer, and that in particular Captain Stacy asks Peter about his father. The addition of this might have helped the scene feel more natural as Peter gets defensive about his dad; instead the dinner conversation goes from zero to arguing in no time flat. Also cut was the 'intimidating doorman' scene leading into that sequence. This scene was posted online and sucked, so no great loss.

What was a great loss was the the POV swinging scenes. The Comic-Con 2011 footage and the first trailer included a lengthy bit of POV web-slinging that was cut to shreds in the movie. This is the most baffling change in the whole film. I suspect it was done for pacing, but in IMAX and 3D this should have been big time money shot stuff.

It seems to me obvious that The Amazing Spider-Man got a huge last minute recut. Marketing was still using concepts and imagery related to a completely deleted storyline - the 'Untold Story' - as recently as May. This fits in with rumors I heard that a spring screening for Sony execs went poorly and changes were made. Excising the 'Untold Story' seems to have been the brunt of that change.

I doubt we'll see much of that stuff on home video release. The studio will decide how much they want to follow up on this stuff as they move into the sequel; if they do want to follow up on it the footage will remain hidden so as to not contradict anything in upcoming movies. If they don't want to follow up they'll just hide the footage away for a decade or two.

It's facsinating to see so much important plot was removed and if Sony will eventually have these show up in the eventual DVD/BLU Ray release of the Amazing Spider-Man.

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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