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Y: the Last Man Rising - A Cool Fan Film!

Written by Keb Ellis on Friday, July 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Y: the Last Man Rising - A Cool Fan Film!

A 22-minute fan-made film has surfaced on the internet. Check it out here!

Source: IGN

I have recently discoverd this really neat fan-made film that adapts one of my favourite comics: Y: the Last Man. This 21-minute film basically sums up the first issue or so of Y with some alterations to the story line.

This type of film adaptation, despite being a short, gives me hope that some Hollywood suit will see this and finally put forward a plan that will see Y: the Last Man hit TV all over the world. It really is a fantastic comic book series and would be better suited to television than that horrible Dallas revival they're passing off as TV these days.

This visually stunning film can be seen on Youtube and it might have been the bright spot of my day. My only complaint is that Hero isn't nearly as big of a slut as she is in the comic book series. I did get a kick out of seeing Vida Guerra, who used to be slightly famous a while ago and was featured in the Dave Chappelle "R. Kelly - Piss on You" video.

Watch it below:

Written or Contributed by: Keb Ellis
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