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SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

Written by Zechs on Saturday, July 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

Hasbro showcases the future Marvel lines of Universe, Legends, and more at it's SDCC panel!

Source: SDCC 2012: Liveblog Central

Marvel Universe

- Showing of the X-Men three pack with Longshot, Wolverine, and Rogue with an X-Baby.

- Silver Surfer and Dr. Strange two-pack.

- Talk of the Amazing Spider-Man line with various figure releases from that line including Motorized Web Shooting Spider-Man will be out in August.

- A six inch figure of Ultimate Spider-Man.

- There's an Ultimate Spider-Man toyline (based on the cartoon) coming in 2013.

- 2012 Digital Comic Exclusive: Old Man Logan with Hulkling. The figure will premire at New York Comic Con 2012.

- Uncanny X-Men three pack. It has Emma Frost, Colossus (in his Juggernaut persona), and Cyclops (not shown).

- Preview of Angel, Puck, and Snowbird.

Marvel Legends

- SDCC Exclusive X-Force three pack (Wolverine, Psylocke, and Archangel) is sold out.

- First up they showcase a Deadpool both in his classic and X-Force costumes.

- Neo Classic Iron Man (the suit he wore in the early 90s) and US Agent.

- Punisher and Blade are next shown.

- Mystique and Moonstar are shown. Both have extra weapons.

- A DOCTOR DOOM in his Future Foundation outfit is shown. GLORY TO DOOM!! Doom in his Children's Crusade garb will be the variant.

- 2013 the year of the mini build a figure. Wave one will have Hit-Monkey.

- Savage She-Hulk and Red She-Hulk!

- X-Force Wolverine will be getting released along with Ultimate Comics Captain America, Archangel (regular and X-Force will be his variant), Sentry, and Hyperion.

- Wave 2 sneak peak of Jean Grey. She'll be wearing her blue and yellow costume. Wrecker is also shown to be apart of the wave. Completely new body than his fellow two Wrecking Crew members who were released this past year and shared the same mold. THUNDERBOLTS get some loving in this future wave in the form of  Moonstone. More team members to follow and to be announced.

Iron Man 3 2013 preview

- Small scale Mighty Muggs in a multitude of Iron Man armors, sold in blind bags. 2 inches tall and permanently attached to a base.

- Six inch line of Iron Man 3 figures. Will have a build a figure for the line of course. Comic book version of Iron Monger is teased as being said build-a-figure.  Panel teases Extremis Iron Man suit in the line. No other figures teased.


Q: How is the decision made about who goes in to a revision case?
A: We look at past sales what did well, what went out in minimum quantitys, and make the decision from there. No rhyme or reason to it. Just trying to keep the freshness of the line going.

Q: Are you guys going to finish Alpha Flight? (refering to the Marvel Universe figures)
A: Alpha Flight gets different incarnations of team members all the team. We have our list.

Q: What's that blue thing in the back? (a little kid asking about the Build-A-Figure for Iron Man 3 line)
A: That's what we call a "tease" but I bet if you ask your neighbor when you sit back down they'll tell you.

Q: Why are Bonka Zonks so small?
A: They're so small so you can stuff a bunch in your pocket.

- Someone took their Helicarrier and threw it in the lake and it floats.

- Live feed ends due to blogger having low battery on his labtop.

This reporter will find pictures of what was shown as soon as he gets his paws on them. Check this article or the Toy Shed for them.

SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

SDCC: Hasbro/Marvel Panel

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