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Rush Limbaugh Claims Batman Villain Created to Sabotage Romney's Presidential Campaign

Written by ThanosCopter on Tuesday, July 17 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

Rush Limbaugh Claims Batman Villain Created to Sabotage Romney's Presidential Campaign


Rush Limbaugh takes on Batman in today's program.


Source: Rush Limbaugh's Website

When we first reported on the Bane/Bain comparison this morning, we didn't predict that someone would actually take it seriously. However, Rush Limbaugh, conservative firebrand and hater of black quarterbacks, claimed this afternoon that Bane, villain of The Dark Knight Rises, was part of an elaborate conspiracy designed to take down Romney's campaign.

Noting that the release date had been planned for several years, Limbaugh claimed that Hollywood executives deliberately conceived and inserted the villain simply to create a comparison between Bane and the Republican presidential campaign. Limbaugh, of course, notes that Hollywood would have to be pretty stupid to think that anyone would fall for such a tactic, but he follows it up by saying that it was a bunch of idiots who put Obama in the White House in the first place. It's said that in response to these allegations, Bruce Wayne, a noted billionaire "job creator," was particularly distressed by the machinations of liberal Hollywood.

Of course, had Rush done any research (he hadn't), he would have known that Bane is not a creation of Hollywood executives trying to secure a win for their man, Obama, but rather the antagonist of the most iconic Batstory of the last twenty-five years. It seems unlikely that DC executives would have created a villain for the main purpose of sabotaging a presidential campaign twenty five years later, but then again it also seemed unlikely that a company would allow Scott Lobdell and Rob Liefeld to write 10% of their current output in 2012 and that ended up being true.

In response to the complaints, DC Comics glorious leader Dan Didio at first issued a formulaic response about Barbara Gordon being a more recognizable character than Stephanie Brown. When he was corrected on his mistake, he was reported to say "Sorry, I can't tell the difference between one whining fatso and another."

Meanwhile, Bain Capital took a different approach to the newest set of allegations. "The League of Assassins does not answer questions about current political campaigns," said Bain Capital in a statement. "All we can tell you is that once our candidate is in office, the modern Roman Empire will fall."

Limbaugh has had what seems to be a personal vendetta against the comic book industry since 2005, when Marvel comics depowered the character The Blob, a Limbaugh analog. The Outhouse attempted to approach Limbaugh outside a Bob's Big Boy for comment on the article, but the voluminous pundit simply put on his top hat, shook his umbrella at us, and waddled quickly to his car, saying only "wah wah wah wah!"

The Dark Knight Rises hits theaters in just three days on July 20th. It will be showing in Imax theaters, regular theaters, and projected directly onto Rush Limbaugh's big fat ass.


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