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SDCC: Big Bang Theory Panel

Written by Jeremy Shane on Tuesday, July 17 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

Full video from the Big Bang Theory panel from SDCC 2012.

If you missed San Diego, or even if you were there and couldn't fight the huge crowds for Hall H to see all the biggest panels we have the full video of the Big Bang Theory panel for you:

• Jim Parsons joins cast on computer monitor due to him being on broadway during the con.

• Cast talks their favorite moments, touching on Stephen Hawking being on the show and the cast watching Howard take off into space.

• Raj will have a romance this season, though it might not be one he looks forward to.

• The panel sings "Soft Kitty" as a round for a fan.

• They discuss their own personality traits vs. their characters.  (Kaley mentions she is a big Game of Thrones fan)

• They answer the question of whether they know how to cook because they always have take out.

• The cast talks about their favorite lines from the show.

• and they answer many more "interesting" fan questions.

Written or Contributed by: Jeremy Shane

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