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Gail Simone Speaks on Stephgate; Miller to Blame

Written by Zechs on Thursday, July 19 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Gail Simone Speaks on Stephgate; Miller to Blame

What does Gail Simone, writer of that harlot Barbara Gordon in Batgirl, think of the scandalous redheaded strumpet replacing Stephanie Brown on the Smallville comic? Wonder no longer...

Controversy ensued today after Gail Simone took to Tumblr to defend her boss and noted Sith master, Dan Didio, by informing Stephanie Brown fans, known often as Passionate Enthusiasts Dedicated Only to Stephanie (or P.E.D.O.S.), that an expected culprit is to blame for replacing Stephanie with Babs in the Smallville comic book. Shockingly, Simone revealed that it was the last person anyone expected - exalted former Batgirl writer Bryan Q. Miller! This is what she had to say:

"Since this Smallville thing happened, I keep reading how mean DC is to make Bryan choose Babs for the book to replace Steph. A bunch of people decide I must have made it happen even though I only found out about when you did.

"Today, Bryan told me it was his idea to use Babs, when asked to replace Steph. I don't know where this stuff all comes from but it gets a little frustrating sometimes, separating fact from fiction."

Continuing the blame game, Simone noted that "I am not sure why he chose Babs instead of Cass or Helena, but I know the kind of person and writer he is..."

The Outhouse is always cautions of making statements that could be construed as libel or slander, so we will not make any guesses as to exactly what "kind of person" Mr. Miller is. Certainly, we will not suggest that Miller is a liar, or a vindictive sociopath hellbent on destroying the lives of devoted Stephanie Brown fans, or even a warthog-faced buffoon.  What we are comfortable reporting is that Mr. Miller is the evil mastermind behind the insidious plot to further destroy the lives of a group of grown adults suffering complete despair over the lack of their favorite teenage heroine in funny books by replacing her with the very character that took her rightful place as the DCnU's Batgirl, and we can also say with confidence that Dan Didio is likely quite pleased with his young apprentice.


UPDATE: Okay snark time is over, and it's time for this reporter to get serious, without asking my colleague Jude to add some humor to this article. Wired has chimed in with an article on Stephgate, adding their own speculation to the reason why DC Editorial ordered Bryan Q. Miller to remove the Stephanie Brown form Smallville, and why fellow Batgirl Cassandra Cain hasn't appeared in the New 52. The reporter at Wired cites unnamed sources at DC that confirm that DC brass consider the two characters.. "toxic".

It really wouldn't surprise me if it's true, given the way in which DC has handled these characters in the past. I wish the reporter at Wired would have asked if Wally West makes this a toxic trio. It would certainly make sense, as DC seems to hold the fanbases of these characters in contempt (Wally West mockery just last week at SDCC anyone?).

At this point in the game, and with the history of the characters under the Didio regime, it isn't hard to believe that this conspiracy, as ludicrous as it sounds, exists, but at the moment, and until someone from DC is willing to come forward and speak cleanly, it can only be called speculation. I hope that fans of these characters will not let this go, not just because Jude Terror or myself needs something to write about, but because DC needs to know that fans of these characters have a voice that must be heard. That's why some of us do what we do, because someone has too.

Gail Simone Speaks on Stephgate; Miller to Blame

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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