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Written by Zechs on Sunday, May 13 2012 and posted in Staff


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About Zechs

From that vile den of scum and villainy called Chicago comes Zechs. He is a fan of numerous things however, narrowed down the top being comics, cartoons, toy collecting, wrestling, and video games.

To narrow his interests down he enjoys most are G.I. Joe (specifically Cobra Commander), Godzilla, WWE (Demolition, CM Punk, and Stone Cold Steve Austin), Transformers (Beast Wars/Machines Megatron, yeeeeesss), Farscape, Star Wars, and horror.

He's a passionate advocate of characters first, stories second. These sorts attitudes from him have gotten him into friendly rivalries with comic book writers Dan Slott and Sean McKeever. Though he takes a licking via most of the community on the board, Zechs will keep on ticking and continue through with his opinions.

His presence is felt in almost every comic forum, as he lurks on almost everyone of them to attain scans and news. He's also a regular on the Outhouse Pirate Podcast. Some posters on these forums have even used his approach of appreciating obscure or characters.

Namely, if there's Cassandra Cain, Magneto, Dr. Doom, Cyborg Superman, Hobgoblin, Stephanie Brown, or Tim Drake Appreciation Thread in the forum. It's probably due to an old thread created by him, or a student of this philosophy.

Zechs is also an aspiring comic book writer. Hoping that one day several of his projects see the light of day.

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About the Author - Zechs

Zechs is the lord and master of The Toy Shed, Moment of the Week, and Durnkin Reveewz. He's also the official whuppin boy at the Outhouse. So he'll get stuck seeing stuff that no mere mortal should ever see. If there's any greater quality to Zechs, it's that he's an avid fan of comic book characters and would defend them to the bitter end against the companies that use them wrongly. He's also brutally honest. Zechs walks the lonely path in Chicagoland area.


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