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Profile: Eric Ratcliffe

Written by Doombug on Monday, September 12 2011 and posted in Staff
Eric Ratcliffe

Eric Ratcliffe


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Writer Of: Conversations with yourself, Host of the Why I Love Comics podcast

About Eric Ratcliffe

I'm totally like a rockstar if the a rockstar didn't get paid and wrote a webcomic....wait, I'm nothing like a rockstar.

Been writing for comics for almost 4-5 years now with no signs of stopping.

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About the Author - Eric Ratcliffe

Eric Ratcliffe is the host of The Why I Love Comics podcast, as well as the writer of the long running and award winning webcomic New Comic Day! When not interviewing the biggest names in geek culture, Eric writes the occasional column about something he is enjoying or informing people about webseries, podcasts, gadgets or many other cool things. You can also find Eric on Email / twitter / facebook / youtube / steam / x-box live and many other social media avenues on the internet. 


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