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Brian Osserman aka ProzacMan

Written by prozacman on Wednesday, April 25 2012 and posted in Staff
Brian Osserman

Brian Osserman

Writer and Podcast Host

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Forum Name: prozacman
Writer Of: the Outhouse Pirate Podcast

About Brian Osserman

Brian Osserman was given the nick name ProzacMan by his fellow students at the SMFA Boston after he made an animated short called Prozac the Musical. Most likely because they forgot his real name, but no one forgets the song in his animation... no matter how much they want to. The name stuck so he decided to use it as his online identity. When not dealing with various ailments that help him live up to his pharmaceutical monikers, ProzacMan writes reviews, conducts interviews, and is the host of the Outhouse Pirate Podcast on Bludcast Radio (available free on ITunes)

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You can also find ProzacMan hanging out on Youtube, TalkShoe, and Deviantart. Though his main online hangout is the Outhouse forums.

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