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Geoff Johns and Robot Chicken Creators Will Be Working on Movie and No More Blade

According to Newsarama, Geoff Johns will be working with Seth Green and Matthew Senreich on a stop-animated Christmas picture Naughty or Nice which is one of the two movie deal Senreich and Green has...

James Jean’s Nike Advertisement

From James Jean’s blog: Also on the link is an unused drawing and what the sketch looked like at different steps.

Robert Downey Jr. Selected to Play Iron Man

According to Ain’t It Cool News, Robert Downey Jr. has been selected to play Tony Stark (Iron Man) in Jon Favreau’s Iron Man which is from Paramount Studios and Marvel.

Marvel Launches the Daily Bugle

From the press release: Just like the citizens of the Marvel Universe, you too can pick up your own copy of the Daily Bugle, hitting stores monthly from Marvel. In the tradition of the Civil War...

Wacker has Left DC for Marvel

It was announced today that editor Stephen Wacker (52, JSA, Jonah Hex) has left DC for Marvel. Now word yet on what this means for 52 yet.

Marvel Zombies HC Sells Out and Gets Second Printing

From the press release (the images are of the new cover to the hardcover trade and the issue that it’s an homage of):The surprise smash hit Marvel Zombies continues its selling frenzy as the...

Fear Agent Moves from image to Dark Horse

From the press release: It’s been over a year since the world first met Heath Huston, a first class drunk and interplanetary alien exterminator. Now, after gathering a successful following of...

News on Dan Slott’s Secret Post-Civil War Project

I just had to share this as I am literally smiling with glee with the hints Dan Slott is giving about his post-Civil War project.

Teen Titans Movie Reminder

Tonight, Friday the 15th, the Teen Titans movie Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo will debut on the Cartoon Network at 7:30 pm.

Mostow Selected as Sub-Mariner Director

From Newsarama: Put a Sub-Mariner (“sub MARE-i-NER” let’s all start saying it correctly since, you know, a movie is coming and all) on the list of Marvel’s upcoming movies,...

DC Direct 52 Action Figures

From ToyFare’s web site: What do the Internet and DC’s hit series 52 have in common? They’re both so fast-paced that the status quo is changing constantly! That’s why when...

A Bit Haywire from Viper Comics

Here’s a preview of A Bit Haywire, a graphic novel by writer Scott Zirkel and artist Courtney Huddleston, from Viper Comics.

C.B. Celubski Announced as Writer of Loners

C.B. Celubski (X-Men Fairy Tales) has been announced as the writer for the Runaways spin-off Loners, originally called Exclesior, with artist Karl Moline (Fray and Route 666) and colorist Christina...

Joss Whedon is Runaways’ New Writer

Joss Whedon (Astonishing X-Men and creator of Serenity and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) with Michael Ryan (New Excalibur) will take over Runaways after the current team, Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian...

Marvel to Release MAX Sampler

Marvel will release a one-dollar 32 page sampler of new MAX titles on October 4th.

Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man #1

From the press release: Stan Lee commemorates his 65th year at Marvel with a series of one-shots uniting him with his greatest characters! The first of these, Stan Lee Meets Spider-Man, features an...

Civil War: Choosing Sides

  Marvel has announced a new one-shot called Civil War: Choosing Sides which will feature stories about Venom III (formerly known as the Scorpion), Daredevil/ Iron Fist, USAgent, Ant-Man III, and...