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San Diego Comic Con Round-Up: Marvel

Mighty Avengers will be a new ongoing spiraling out of Civil War by Brian Michael Bendis and Frank Cho.

New Marvel Select Mephisto Figure

From Diamond Select Toys: Inside Marvel :

John Cassaday to Direct Movie Adaptation of I am Legion

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Astonishing X-Men and Planetary artist John Cassaday is going to direct the movie adaptation of I am Legion, the World War II story he did with writer Fabian Nury.

Director Richard Donner Set to Write Action Comics

Richard Donner, the man who directed the first Superman movie, and former assistant Geoff Johns (Superman, Action Comics, 52) are set to write a story arc in Action Comics starting with #844.

Green Arrow to Come to Smallville

According to the next issue of TV Guide, Justin Hartley (the actor selected to play Aquaman in the pilot for the Aquaman series) is set to play Oliver Queen (a.k.a. Green Arrow) in a story that will...

Preview Dr. Strange #1

From Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin, here’s Dr. Strange #1:      

Preview: The Escapists #1

From writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Eduardo Bareto with a cover by legendary Frank Miller, The Escapists #1. The issue will be 32 pages and cost $1. Here’s How Dark Horse, the publisher,...

Marv Wolfman to Write Nightwing #125

After being asked what’s in the future for Nightwing, Dan Didio just said that Marv Wolfman will write #125.

Preview: Mystery in Space #1

By Jim Starlin and Shane Davis, here’s Mystery in Space #1 by DC Comics:        

New Captain Marvel?

According to Annihilation: Nova #3, Phyla-Vell, daughter of the original Captain Marvel, is set to reinherit the Captain Marvel name after her brother’s, Genis-Vell, death in the Thunderbolts...

News about the Iron Man Movie

Paramount Pictures’ and Marvel Entertainment’s Iron Man movie is stated to be released May 2nd of 2008.

Ultimate Fantastic Four #31 Variant Cover

Here’s the variant cover to Ultimate Fantastic Four #31 by Arthur Suydam:

Tim Hildebrandt Has Passed Away

Part of the Brothers Hildebrandt team, Tim Hildebrandt passed away at the age of 67 due to diabetes-related problems.

Marvel Team-Up Cancelled

According to Tom Brevoort, Marvel Team-Up will be finished in the near future. Supervillain Team-Up will continue as planned despite this new development.

Big Changes in Store for Captain Marvel

According to Judd Winick, in Trials of Shazam, the soon-to-be-released mini-series with art from Howard Porter, Captain Marvel is now going to be Freddy Freeman a.k.a. Captain Marvel Jr. (or CM3 for...

Variant Wolverine: Origins #4 Cover

Here’s the variant cover to Wolverine: Origins #4 by Gabrielle Dell’Otto. The cover will ship 50/ 50 with the regular cover which is by Joe Quesada.