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Diamond Sales Figures Show Year to Date Gain for First Time This Year

Diamond's November sales capped off an eleven month climb that erased this year's early deficit.

Steve Niles' Remains Special Prequel Webisode

'Steve Niles' Remains' Premieres Friday, December 16 @ 10pm on Chiller!

Rebel Blood: It's Spreading

It's Rebel Blood! It's Image! It's another teaser! It's spreading!

The Manhattan Project's Destined to Blow Up

Hickman & Pitarra's New Ongoing Science Fiction Debuts in March!

Marv Wolfman Resurrects Night Force For DC

Legendary creator returns to his favourite creation in March 2012.

DCnU Shocker: Ivan Brandon off Men of War

Ivan Brandon will be leaving the DC title after Issue #6.

Jerry Robinson 1922-2011

The legendary creator of Robin, The Joker, and creator rights advocate was 89.


More irregular zombies for you to enjoy in this teaser.

“He Caught Lightning in a Bottle and Learned How to Draw with It”

IDW and the Library of American Comics prepare to release Percy Crosby's The Complete Skippy.


Judith is the last girl standing in a world of girl zombies gone wild.

Pre-Order Your Copy of Harvey Pekar's Cleveland!

Top Shelf teams up with an up and coming new publisher to bring you a posthumous project from the legendary creator!

DCnU Shocker: Paul Cornell off Stormwatch

Paul Cornell will be leaving Stormwatch after issue #6.

Who will Follow Bendis on Avengers?

In an attempt to gain lots of unique hits, The Outhouse invites readers to speculate on which creator would be best suited to follow the Great One Brian Bendis as writer of The Avengers.

Bendis Leaving Avengers

The Great One Brian Michael Bendis will be ending one of the most memorable comic book runs in history.

Onward into the Digital Age with Dark Horse? Or Not?

Under pressure from a backward thinking direct market monopoly, Dark Horse responds to allegations that they would dare to make same day digital content affordable.

Bulletproof Coffin - Back From The Grave

David Hine & Shaky Kane's Metafictional Miniseries Returns in January!