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Marvel Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for February 2012

We've got Marvel's FULL MONTHLY SOLICITATIONS for the month of February 2012! Check out what's shipping in February from Marvel Comics!

Surprising Details Emerge about The Dark Knight Rises

An Empire interview with Chris Nolan and Tom Hardy revealed some surprising details about next summer's hotly-anticipated film.


The first three issues of the sold out miniseries get collected.

Sea Lion Books Announces Chris Marks' "Elfhunter"

C.S. Marks' fantasy world of Alterra comes to life like never before.

Viz Announces Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Download

It's A Case Of Forgotten Identity As Ichigo Loses Touch With The Soul Society And Faces Down A Deadly New Enemy Alone In The Newest BLEACH Anime Action Feature

PunisherMAX R.I.P

This February, prepare for the Punisher story you never thought you would read as Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon bring their epic run on PunisherMAX to an end with PunisherMAX #22.

Witch Doctor Puts Horror Under the Knife

Seifert & Ketner's Witch Doctor Trade Paperback to Release in December

Barbiere and Radl's White Suits Invades Dark Horse Presents #11

Making their Dark Horse Presents debut, Frank Barbiere and Luke Radl turn back the clock to a time of Iron Curtain brutality with The White Suits!

Marvel Cancels Ghost Rider

Marvel to cancel current Ghost Rider book.

Image Comics Solicitations for February 2012

The Outhouse brings you Image Comics solicitations for February 2012.

Bleeding Cool, CBR misreport "Last Female Title at Marvel Cancelled" UPDATED

Are CBR and Bleeding Cool stirring false controversy?  Click and find out!


I'm pretty sure that "Panzerfaust" is the best last name I've ever heard.


Italian comics creator Milo Manara's first North American collection sells out at the distribution level.

The Legends Begin Here

IDW releases Godzilla Legends #1.  In stores now!

Buffy, Angel, and Dollhouse Released on Dark Horse Digital!

Whedon's fan favorite comic books get digital.

Dragon Age: Redemption - Saarebas

The final episode of Dragon Age: Redemption - Saarebas is out featuring Felicia Day.