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Want to Win a SIGNED Copy of DC's New 52 Hardcover Collection and More? Enter 52APOLOOZA and Win!

Written by Christian Hoffer on Wednesday, August 10 2011 and posted in News Archive

Wanna see what you can win by entering The Outhouse's 52apolooza Contest?  Click and find out!

The Outhouse's 52apolooza is a month long contest that will be taking place throughout December.  The Outhouse will be running a contest asking readers and forum members to answer a series of thirty questions involving the 52apolooza Rankings and DC's new 52.

We're pleased to announce that the following prizes will be sent to the winners of the contest. 

Grand Prize: A Hardcover Copy of DC's New 52 and a super official Outhouse T-Shirt.  DC's New 52 hardcover is a hardcover collection of all fifty-two #1 issues and contains over 1,200 pages of DC comics.  The Outhouse T-shirt is a collection of official outhouse fabric and contains over 1,200 strands of cotton and/or polyester.  This prize package is worth well over $150!

BONUS: The hardcover copy of DC's New 52 will be signed by DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio!  

Second Prize: One Year's Subscription to a Comic Book of the Winner's Choosing.  Any comic under $5.  One Year.  Your Choice.

Third Prize: $15 Amazon Gift Certificate. 

To participate, simply answer the following questions and email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or PM BlueStreak or Bkthomson.

Thanks for playing and good luck!

Part One: 52apolooza Ranking Questions

1) Which book will have the highest 52apolooza Total Score? (4 points)

2) Which book will have the lowest 52apolooza Total Score? (4 points)

3) Name the top five titles of 52apolooza (by total score) in any order. (2 points for each correct answer)

4) Name the bottom five titles of 52apolooza (by total score) in any order. (2 points for each correct answer)

5) Name the middle two titles of 52apolooza (by total score) in any order. (3 points for each correct answer)

6) What will be the highest selling of all the 52 DC #1s be (as determined by Diamond)? (4 points)

7) Which of the four 52apolooza Reviewer Categories will give out the highest total score? (2 points) Which will give the lowest? (2 points)
The four categories are: Marvel Readers, DC Readers, New Readers and Unaffiliated Readers.

Title Specific Questions

8) How many times will Batman punch someone in the face in Detective Comics #1? (1 point)

9) How many times will the word "grife" be said in Legion of Superheroes #1? (3 points)

10) Will Krypto make an appearance or be referenced in Action Comics #1? (1 point)

11) How many characters will vomit red in Red Lanterns #1? (3 points)

12) How many Batgirls (current or former) will appear in Batgirl #1? (2 points)

13) How many titles will show a female character in a partial or total state of undress? (2 points) Will there be more books featuring women in a state of undress or men in a state of undress? (1 point)

14) Will we see any male on male or female on female kisses in any of the 52 titles? (1 point) If so, which title? (3 points)

15) Will Wonder Woman do her trademark costume change spin (in either Justice League #1 or Wonder Woman #1)? (1 point)

16) Will all seven of DC's new Big Seven (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Cyborg and the Flash) appear in Justice League #1? (1 point)

17) How many things will Aquaman stab with his trident in Aquaman #1? (3 points)

18) Will any former JSAers besides Michael Holt appear in Mr. Terrific #1? (Please note: Former JSAers refer to characters that once appeared in a JSA title as part of a JSA team. These characters do not have to be explicitly referred to be in the new continuity's version of the JSA, if such a thing exists) (1 point)

19) Which will have the highest human death count: Deathstroke #1, Sgt. Rock and the Men of War #1, Grifter #1 or Blackhawks #1? (1 point)

20) How many pages of Demon Knights #1 will take place in a tavern or castle? (1 point)

21) How many times will Constantine say "bollocks" in Justice League Dark #1? (3 points)

22) How many times will Jaime Reyes say a sentence entirely in Spanish in Blue Beetle #1? (3 points)

23) Will any of the following characters appear or be referenced in a #1 issue? (each character worth 1 point)
a. Ralph Dibny
b. Sue Dibny
c. Ted Kord
d. Wally West
e. Donna Troy
f. Shiera Carter
g. Jade
h. Captain Marvel
i. Congorilla

24) How many pages in Hawk and Dove #1 will show no feet in any panel? (3 points)

25) How many limbs will Frankenstein chop off in Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #1? (3 points)

26) Will any Milestone characters besides Static appear in Static Shock #1? (1 point)

27) Will it be revealed that Batwing was formerly a soldier in Batwing #1? (1 point)

28) Will Professor Stein make an appearance in Fury of Firestorm #1? (1 point)

29) Will talking apes or monkeys make an appearance in any one of the 52 books? (1 point)

30) Will Hal Jordan be homeless or have a beard in Green Lantern #1? (1 point)

TIEBREAKER:  What ranking will Green Lantern: New Guardians #1 earn in 52apolooza?  (Please answer between 1 and 52).

Written or Contributed by: Christian Hoffer

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