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NYCC: Cup O' Joe Panel

Written by Jude Terror on Saturday, October 15 2011 and posted in News Archive
NYCC: Cup O' Joe Panel

Avengers Assemble! Galactus Returns! Well, that's what it looks like, but with no Wifi at NYCC, we'll do our best to bring you the details!

The Cup O' Joe has begun at New York Comic Con. Here's the images Marvel sent out this morning.

Joe Quesada, Dan Buckley, Axel Alonso, Arune Singh,Jeph Loeb, Tom Brevoort, C.B. Cebulski, JAson Aaron, Matt Fraction, and Dan Slott are at the panel. Bunch of big shots right there. :P

Marvel will be running a special backup crossover in a bunch of titles for Christmas, It will star the characters from Disney's Prep & Landing and be about Santa Claus coming to Avengers Mansion in NYC. IT will be called Prep & Landing - Mansion: Impossible. Bit unwieldy.

Hickman will be writing both FF titles when Fantastic Four #600 happens.

The Great One Brian Bendis will team up with his old Ultimate Spider-Man cohort Mark Bagley for Avengers Assemble in MArch 2012. The series will be sort of like an All Star Avengers, and coincide will try to capitalize on the movie.

Avengers Assemble takes place in mainstream Marvel U continuity. The first arc will feature a new Zodiac as the antagonists.

Sabretooth returns from the dead (I think) to get revenge on Wolverine (again, for killing him, I think) in a new Wolverine story by Jeph Loeb and Simone Bianchi.

The "It's Coming" teaser is teased some more, hinting at a return of the Phoenix Force or Jean Grey or both or none at all, all in a big event in 2012 by The Great One Brian Bendis, Jason Aaron, Ed Brubaker, Alex Coipel, Matt Fraction, Jonathan Hickman, one or several Kuberts, and John Romita Jr. The Marvel Universe will never be the same!!

Before Q&A began (that is the point of this panel, after all), the crew pimped Point One, calling it a Rosetta Stone for Marvel in 2012.

A question about Jean Grey and the Phoenix elicits ambiguous hints and denials. There is some hinting that the new Scarlet Spider might be Kaine, sending chills down the spine of anyone who managed to comprehend the Clone Saga.

There will be no more Noir comics, at least for the forseeable future. Dozens of people are upset about this.

Marvel is considering putting out some comics digitally, then later collecting said series in print for sale. This would allow them to sustain lower selling titles. It's a good thing people all over the internet haven't been suggesting that for years now, you might be led to think no one is paying attention to us.

Jeph Loeb said the prospect of more women in the Avengers: Earth's Mighties Heroes cartoon as well as more permanent females on the team "looked good on both fronts." Expect a scathing rebuke of his sexual innuendo on Bleeding Cool later this evening... if Rich Johnston can get a wifi signal.

Outhouse staff writer Zechs was at the panel today. He praised Dan Slott as the best writer at Marvel and gave him a hug.

Marvel doesn't have any current plans for more collaboration with Stephen King, but Marvel is open to the idea of doing more... In other news, The Outhouse is open to the idea of President Obama coming on as a staff writer after his term is up.

Matt Fraction's Defenders may give us a new Sorcerer Supreme.

Dan Buckley said that we'd be seeing something on the Marvelman front in the next year, putting to rest doubts that Marvel's purchase of the rights to the character wouldn't do anything to speed up the release of material. :P

Wifi problems seemed to be occurring or something, so I had to refresh Newsarama's liveblog. This forced me to watch another add. I consider this due payment for sourcing their coverage.

More prodding about Marvelman forced Dan Buckley to insist that Marvel will only release new material on Marvelman if they're sure they've got it right. No such promises were made about anything else they put out (oh low blow Marvel take that ooooh)!

More griping about female characters from Rich Johnston in a Batgirl costume. Joe Q talked about Squirrel Girl.

Axel Alonso pointed readers looking for examples of female respect and empowerment to Fear Itself: The Fearless, where Valkyrie and Sin are the lead protagonist and antagonist respectively. So if you want to see a catfight between a sexy viking chick and a hot nazi broad, pick up The Fearless, in stores today! Clothes will be torn strategically!

A fan claimed to know Dan Buckley's nephew. Buckley denied it was true. Dammit Zechs, you've blown my cover!

Marvel doesn't have anything in the immediate future planned as far as alternate reality storylines, but Axel Alonso hopes you'll give him money for Marvel Universe vs. Wolverine or Marvel Universe vs. The Punisher anyway.

Loeb may return for a short story in Rulk #50.

Jeff Lindsay, creater of the TV show Dexter, will be writing a Dexter series for Marvel in 2012.

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

This will be the closest thing we're likely to get to a Marvel Universe Batman.

Thanks Newsarama for being the only organization in the entire convention center competent enough to keep an internet signal! That's www.newsarama.com

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NYCC: Cup O' Joe Panel

NYCC: Cup O' Joe Panel

NYCC: Cup O' Joe Panel

Written or Contributed by: Jude Terror

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