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C2E2 2012: DC Direct Panel

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

Zechs gives you the heads up on the latest happenings of DC goodies announced at the DC Direct panel.

So just what kind of goodies will DC Direct, recently renamed DC Collectibles, be giving us this year? Let's find out.

The panel starts with Geoff Johns introducing himself. He then introduces the rest of the panel: Jim Fletcher, Brian Webster, Shawn Napps, Adam Hughes, and Jimmy Palmiotti. Johns stresses on how he wants to make DC Direct look awesome and utterly cool. Start the slideshow:

- Johns says they changed the name to DC Collectibles because it's about collecting things. It'll cover everything from their adult Vertigo line, their animated programing, and their live action movie product. They want to cover everything.   

- Johns hints at something really cool that Jimmy is working on.

- Justice League from the New 52. First wave is Aquaman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash, Parademon, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg each coming out in different periods of 2012.

- We Can Be Heroes Exclusive JLA Seven Figure Box Set will include the New 52 Superman. The mold might not be used when they release the New 52 Superman in single card format.  

- Before Watchmen stuff.  A new Dr. Manhatten statue along with the previous two announced (Comedian and Rorschach). They joke there will be a naked variant. Adam Hughes talks about how hard it was for him to design the statue.  Hughes then gawks over the statue as they show it to him in person.

-  The Dark Knight Rises line. First up, three full figure statues they'll be releasing of Batman, Bane, and Catwoman. They will be 12 inch. Then, they show a bust set of the trio. Johns and the panel tease they have a full sized Batman figure in their office, fully articulated.

- DC Comic Superheroes Busts. They show the first three in the wave: Batgirl, Cyborg, and Grifter. Superman (October 2012) and Wonder Woman (September 2012) are debuted at the panel. More will be announced at SDCC 2012.  

- Batman: Black & White. Four new statues based on the artwork of Jock, Brain Bollland, Darwyn Cooke, and Jim Lee.

- Superman vs. Batman statue from The Dark Knight Returns. They were hoping the working protoype would be at C2E2 but it isn't ready yet and will be shown at SDCC 2012. 

- Batman: Arkham City Wave 3: Ra's Al Ghul, Azrael, Penguin, Joker Clown Thug, and Batman. They then show Killer Croc, Mr. Freeze, and Titan Joker. Johns says they are planning DC Direct figures for future teased DC Video Games.

- Ame-Com series.  They discuss of how detailed the statues are. Ame Comi Digital Comics are coming in May drawn by Amanda Conner and written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. They show two new figures coming from the line: Female Brainiac and Harley Quinn (new mold). Palmiotti stresses if you enjoyed their run on Powergirl, you'll love this. Johns says if you love All Star Western, you'll love this. They joke about Ame-Com Jonah Hex. They also accidently show Black Flash Ame-Con. 

- MAD Products. Spy vs. Spy. Geoff says he keeps these figures all throughout the DC Offices. Interchangable hands and a ton of accessories.

- Just-Us League of Stupid Heroes of Green Arrow, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Superman, Batman, Joker, and Robin. All of them looking like Alfred P. Newman.

- They show us the new website for DC Collectibles.

- They show a new product from the company: posters. Three new designs of various Batmobiles, Batman with "I WILL FIND YOU." and another. The next set will be GL themed.

- Online Exclusive Four Figure Box Set of Flashpoint figures (including the Poker chips) of: Aquaman, Flash, Batman, and Wonder Woman.

- Sinestro in Green Lantern costume bust.

- Man of Steel line. Geoff teases how this will be the focus of next year but they can't talk about it. 

Questions for the Panel

- They talk more of the posters line and graphic designers. 

- Will there be Pre 52 actions figures? Talia and Flash Rogues. It has been dicussed. 

- Statues or toys for Super Best Friends Forever? Geoff cannot talk of it but they do have DC Nation stuff coming out.

- Ame Con Question on cheese cake and T&A content on the Ame Con Digital Comic. Jimmy says he and Amanda had some cheesecake recently and it's okay. If he crosses any lines the women in his life will slap him around.  He says he treats the characters with respect and yeah they are sexy looking but they'll portray the characters with respect, male and female alike. They understand fans love these characters and no nip slips. Jimmy says fans will enjoy it.

- Red Hood & The Outlaws figures? There will be something Red Hood related soon.

- Any chance of a new Swamp Thing figure? Geoff says, "Yes."

- Any chance for secondary figures of Frankenstein, Demon Knights, and Shade?  Geoff says there's so many characters they can release. They then joke of the so many figures Hal Jordan has.

- What Veritgo figures will be coming out in the future? Geoff says there will be Vertigo product out in the future ala the Alfred E. Newman figures they just showed.  They know Vertigo figures aren't selling well, but the bookends did. 

- Please no more Hal Jordan figures? Talon, new Rogues, and secondary characters. And then the questioner demands a new Starfire figure. Just before she leaves they say something will be shown at SDCC 2012.

- Animal Man figures? Maybe but not right now.

- How expensive will the online store be and how much product will it have? It'll be easier to get things and the website will be very extensive.  

- Any chance for Legion figures? Not right now due to Mattel already covering it.

- Robot Chicken DC Comic Special will be coming down the line. Geoff talks of him and Seth writing the episode and how Seth took a large sample of figures. 

-  Will there be an Arkham City Clayface or Solomon Grundy? We're talking about it. Keep buying them. We'll keep putting them out.

- Will there be vehicles for these figures? It's a little out of what they do, but they are considering it.

- Any statues for Superman: Earth One? One of their partners is doing a statue, but nothing DC Direct.  

- Amanda Conner shows up out of nowhere and very much out of breath and apolgizes of being late for the panel.

- Amanda now gawks at the Dr. Manhatten figure. 

- Any figure suggestions? Jimmy Olsen, through all his various costumes and powers, a bigger Atrocitous, and Ventriloquist. They'll consider it. More Watchmen figures? Not at the moment. Lex Luthor in a business suit?

- A Robin Four Pack of Damian, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Dick Grayson? Johns says, "OOOH GOOD IDEA! Have a Watchmen statue!" Someone then screams, "Come on put Stephanie Brown!!" No, that wasn't me fools!

- Jonah Hex and Dr. Arkham two-pack? Not at the moment.

- The vocal Stephanie Brown fan wants more female figures due to Mattel Short Packing them and previous female figures are expensive (she lists Battle for the Cowl line and that version's Batgirl for example). The panel says they'll consider it.
- Someone asks for a Mogo figure. They joke over how they already modified a beach volleyball. Geoff loves that question and gives him a poster signed by Scott Snyder.

- Will DC Collectibles branch out into shops such as Target or Wal-Mart since Mattel is ending a lot of their lines? No, since that's why they have Mattel and other partners to release figures. 

Panel Ends.

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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