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C2E2 2012: Avengers vs. X-Men Panel

Written by Zechs on Saturday, April 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

The official Avengers vs. X-Men panel at C2E2! Find out what's going on live with updates!!

Panel begin with who's with the Avengers (some applause) and the X-Men (very loud clapping).  Quesada then says those who cheered for Avengers they get a free pass to the Avengers movie, but those who like X-Men? Banned for life. He kids. He kids. 

Panel is introducing Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, C.B. Cebulski, Jason Aaron, Rick Remender, Frank Cho,  and Arune Singh. Talk on how AvX #1 is a HUGE HIT. They start with AvX #0 and what it was like for Jason Aaron working on the opening part of the story. Aaron says the whole story hinged on Scarlet Witch and Hope with where the two characters were at in the moment. 

Why these two? Because Wanda brought the mutants to extinction and Hope was like mutants hell yeah!!

- AvX #2 and #3 covers shown with the later having a fight between Captain America vs. Wolverine. Axel says this isn't the first time they wanted the two sides to fight. They want a real good story where you knew what these two sides were doing what they're doing.  They decided this was the moment with the live action Avengers movie hitting and wanted the X-Men at the center of a massive Marvel event.

- Due to the bi-weekly release the action will be wall to wall. Axel then asks Scarlet Spider if he's reading the AvX Versus #1 which he says he's listening to the panel to which Axel.

Singh relates the event to the TV series 24 and how AvX ups the ante.  AvX #5 will have a huge status quo change that no one will see coming. You'll be seeing promotion of AvX on a very popular TV series.

- AvX #7 cover with the Avengers looking beat up and running for their lives. Jason says there's a moment coming that'll play out and you just won't expect in going to some wierd places. 

- AvX Versus #1-4 covers. All action.  Gambit vs. Captain America, Black Widow vs. Magik. Zero percent story. Hundred percent action. They compare this to comic book porn. That this is just pure nerd bliss.  Every issue you'll have two fights. The fourth issue has someone blacked out fighting Thor (looks like Storm).

- Crossovers with New Avengers and Secret Avengers. For the former, Rick talks of the suicide team that goes after the Phoenix Force. The Kree will play a big role. Rick compares that this will be him molesting the great work of Jim Starlin (he kids). He wanted to pay homage as much he could to Starlin. Thor vs. Captain Marvel will happen in the tie-in.

- Avengers Academy and Avengers AvX tie-in covers for July. Best talent at Marvel. Best thing you could have all summer as one panelist puts it.

- Uncanny X-Men and Wolverine & the X-Men tie-ins. One issue Wolverine & X-Men has he long dark night of Logan chosing which side to go for. The same goes for Rogue, Kitty Pryde, and Ice-Man as well. The kids of the school will get caught in the middle. Pixel Man (aka the man pixeled out to hide his identity) will come to the school looking to date Kitty Pryde.

- Marvel ReEvolution with Marvel looking to revolutionize comics. Talk of the next step of digtal comics. That this different than uploading simple pages. That the Nova story is the first real story that was specifically created for the tablet. That it isn't animation that you are controling it. That you are reading this. That they are creating a sense of motion in the printed page. 

- Quesada talks about Infinite Comics and the origin of it. Two years ago, right before the Ipad was announced. That he found a French artist's website and what he thought digtal comics should be. Frank was blown away by the simple yet direct of what the purity of a comic was. Talk on the multiple way to buy the digtal comics plus how to change the settings. Buy the print along with the digital. 

- Marvel AR app that's free and can give extras for the comic if you scan the logo on the actual comic featuring goodies from details of how the story was framed to other cool things that weren't included in the issue. 

- Video on Super Heroes: What The?! AvX How It Really Happened. Hilarous as heck.

Fan Questions

- Will the Infinity stuff translate to print? Yes, but the goal is to not think of print at all, but think of a total digtal experience. So you will see the digtal stuff printed later more then likely in the collected editions of the event.

- Is Nightcrawler's final words to Hope be important in AvX? Logan's view of Hope was effected by his best friend sacrificing for a red haired girl with green eyes he doesn't know much of. 

- AvX will Doctor Strange appear in the event? Yes, he does play a role in AvX and plays a big role in #2. Who he ends up fighting is off the hook.

- More of Wanda's kids be involved in this event? They can't say that it's a major spoiler. BUT.. they say Wanda has atonement to do.  They'll announce something of one Young Avenger at the Cup O'Joe panel later.

- Will we see non mutants help the X-Men side? They cannot say, given it's a spoiler. Though they say you're opinion will change of who's side you'll side with. 

- Was AvX an outlet for people who don't read comics? Yes. This is something they wanted to make accessible to everyone.

- Can we look at digtal comics on a PC or Mac? Or do we have to get a tablet? At the moment though but redeem your codes and until you get a smart phone. You'll reap the benefits in the end.

- Will Cable have any interaction in AvX? They cannot say given it'll be a spoiler.

-  Will Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited be avaiable on the I Pad?  Some point eventually. Will the variant covers be included in the digital downloads? Not really given it's retailer exclusive and their the life blood of actual print copies.

-  Will AvX alienate readers ala Civil War? There will be winners and losers. Characters will be disgraced but the world might not see it that way.

- Will Thor play a role in AvX? Thor will appear in AvX and Secret Avengers. They also hinted at something big Thor related at Marvel's Next Big Thing Panel tomorrow.

- Why are the Bamfs there at Wolverine's school in Wolverine & The X-Men?  Jason Aaron says there's a story there and it'll continue to be revealed slowly in the book.

- How big a role will Nov-Varr appear in AvX? Yes, check out Secret Avengers for his role in the event.

-   Why was Rachel Grey kept away Hope given she was a previous host of the Phoenix? Jason Aaron says it'll all come into play but Rachel was busy in space, but yeah.

- Last question was just person thanking the panel for the great writing. 

End of panel. 

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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