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C2E2 2012: IDW Panel

Written by Zechs on Saturday, April 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

So what does the future hold of IDW? The C2E2 panel happens LIVE!! 

Panel starts introductions Dirk Wood, Joe Armstrong, J.K. Woodward. Kevin Colden
Mike Costa, and Ryan Brown.

- Talk of Smoke & Mirrors. The creators evolved of a comic book that taught magic to a comic that used magic. They then show off a magic trick that involves cards that and talks of the book. The series will be five issues and each issue will have a completely different magic trick. 

- J.K. Woodward talks about Star Trek TNG/ Doctor Who. It'll be an eight issue mini. They show various covers. More characters will be popping up from both franchises in #3 and beyond.  This is the first time in a long time that BBC has allowed Doctor Who to crossover with another format.

They talk about why TNG was chosen since it fit the Timey Whimey stuff more than the original series.  That's not to say Capt. Kirk might cameo in the mini.

-  Kevin Colden talks of the new Crow book IDW is putting out in July 2012. Check out the IDW Tumblr that has some preview pages up. James O'Barr is cooking up a new Crow series down the line for IDW. 

-  KISS series from Chris Ryal and Tom Waltz writing with Jamal Igle, Casey Maloney on art. The series is like the old Marvel comics based on the band, not much the darker stuff from the 90s.

- Transformers Regeneration #80.5 by Simon Furman and Andrew Wildman. It'll be out on Free Comic Book Day. Much like G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero will restart the old Marvel series. However it'll stop at #100 there will be a hard stop and a break with the series.  

- Mars Attacks will fifty five covers based on the cards of the old series. No gum variants.  A comic book website will be doing a preview of the series soon.

- Dave Steven: Covers & Stories covering all his non Rocketeer work.  Rocketeer Adventures covers are shown.  Rocketeer: Cargo of Doom written by Mark Waid and art by Chris Samnee coming out August 2012. Some preview art of the series is shown. 


Judge Dredd coming out from IDW in Fall 2012.  Not much is known on the series since a lot of creators want to work on the series. It's time for the Judge to come back. 

- Joe Hill projects: Stephen King/Joe Hill: Road Rage and The Cape covers are shown. The Cape 1969 is a prequel and takes place in Vietnam.
- Popeye cover is shown that'll be written by Roger Landridge.  Frankenstein Alive, Alive! and Trio by John Bryne covers are shown. If you like fun superhero comics you'll enjoy Trio.

- G.I. Joe Retaliation covers from IDW. Mike talks about G.I. Joe: Cobra and the epilogue on the Cobra Command arc. There will be a new direction for the book, but the core cast members remain the same. Flint becomes a major new character in the book. The book will be about a group of Joes that are funded by in the first issue and are going after Cobra. 
- Dungeons & Dragons: Forgotten Realms covers and of Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles.. oh wait Mutant he said Mutant!! They can reveal some new projects such as:

A Casey Jones one shot is coming out soon co-written by Mike. The hardcover editions will have full page layouts of his covers.

- Covers and some minor discussion of Magic the Gathering: The Spell Thief, Locke & Key, Richard Stark's Parker, Star Trek, Ghostbusters. Some art is shown and the Star Trek stories that re-adapt classic Trek episodes but give them slight twists given the new light.  The next arc, #11-12, will have Tribbles. 

- Artist Edition of Daredevil: Born Again, Groo, and more. 

- Battle Beasts is coming! 

- Jericho is coming back in comic format with Season 4. 

- Danger Girl/G.I. Joe announced yesterday, but this is J. Scott Campell's dream job. This will be ridiculous fun.

Fan Questions

- Will there be any other villains in Star Trek TNG/Doctor Who besides the Borg/Cybermen? No.

-  Are we finally going to see a female Crow? No not yet. Though the first series will be a mini series so be patient. 

- And larger tricks for Smoke & Mirrors? They are trying to show the difference between skill base magic and those who can really do magic. No big effects but there will be a larger tricks showed in the book.

- How far will IDW go with other characters Rat King, Leatherhead, Slash, and others as they did with Bebop and Rocksteady? They can't fully answer fully, but they're slowly rolling these characters out. #9 and 10 will be the big Foot Clan arc.

- Will we see Mutanimals (the old Archies nine issue series) back in TMNT? Um not at the moment. 

- How has the digital medium effected your work?  The delivery has allowed people to read more. The delivery system is more or less the same. 

- Will there be any more prequels for the next Star Trek movie like the first movie? We be stupid not too. Stay tuned for that.

- How are you going to keep these awesome product going? Wood says check out next year if he's looking like Mark Twain. That the people IDW has are comic book machines.

- Someone asks a Boom Studios questions accidently. Sorry he can't answer, though he wishes he were publishing those books.

- What of the Dragon of the East aka GODZILLA?!  Yes new ongoing in May. A mini from the Orc Stain creator called Half Century War. 

- Will we see new Dick Tracy stuff? Stay tuned.

- Any chance of Battle Beast/Transformers crossover? No plans YET.

- Any new Ashley Wood comics? Not anything too soon but a book project will be released soon. Is the Locke & Key TV show completely dead? Alas yes at the moment it is in limbo.

- Any more John Rogers work? Yes. 

- J. Scott Campbell doing interior work on Danger Girl/G.I. Joe? No just covers and writing duties. 

- Anymore Doctor Who crossovers? Maybe landing on Cybertron? Nothing not right now. 

- Any more Infestation crossovers? More than likely yes. 

End of panel.


Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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