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C2E2 2012: Marvel's Ultimate Panel

Written by Zechs on Sunday, April 15 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

So what's going to happen next in the Ultimate line of Marvel books? Find out here!

Panel starts with "Miles Morales", Axel Alonso, C.B. Cebulski, Sana Amanat, Sam Humphries, and Arune Singh.

- We kick off with the cover to Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #12 with Spider-Man vs. the Prowler. This will mark the next stage for Miles. There will be a love interest for Miles. Sana wasn't pleased of giving Miles a love interest, but Bendis ignored her. Arune asks "Miles" if he should have a love interest. He response saying he hopes there is someone loves him in the world. Sana reminds him that girls have cooties until they hit their twenties. 

They then talk of how they thought the natural conclusion of their Ultimates vs. Ultimates story-line had to end with Peter's death. Hence why they revisited the idea. They then tease of Spider-Men and another event.

- Talk on Spider-Men. They can't reveal who the big villain is YET, but given the nature of a universe spanning crossover is a good enough hint on who it is. Sana talks on how Peter will see a world where he's dead. With Miles he'll be seeing a world were Peter is a very seasoned hero and alive. The first meeting of the book will be very interesting.   

- Brian Wood taking over Ultimate Comics X-Men #13. Kitty gets a new costume and direction. The cast will be tightened significantly. Mutants are getting killed everywhere and people are okay with it. So Kitty takes it upon herself  to save people. There will be a road trip feel to it. Relationships will develop with the characters and some hurdles thrown in the way.

- Cover to Ultimates #12 as Sam talking over the the book as he writers alongside Jonathan Hickman. Hickman gives Sam full access to the book and to do whatever he wishes. He says working with Hickman is extremely fun.

They then talk of Sam's indy work that goes all over the place and how this is his first big superhero book. There's so much unlimitied possiblies with the Ultimates unlike 616 or the movies. You could change the game so easily here. Hickman told Sam not to write Millar, Loeb, or his Ultimates. Write your own.

- They announce a new event, Divided We Fall, which brings back Captain America and that he'll make a descion that has never been done. People will be talking about this. This story will bleed across all over the other Ultimate books. Cap feels extremely responsible for the death of Peter Parker. When Cap comes back there will be a VERY important reason. 

Captain America will meet Miles Morales for the first time during this event.  There' a cover shown with Kitty Pryde, Cap, and Spider-Man fighting mechas with a fallen Thor in the background behind a burning White House.

There will be an Avengers Assemble will make you smile ear to ear. The last big Ultimates resulted in Peter Parker's death. 

- C.B. shows up at the panel late and then talks of the talent they have assembled for this story: Bendis, David Marquez, Sam Humphries, Billy Tan, and Puco Medina.

- They ask "Miles" is there anyone he's excited to meet in this crossover? Kitty Pryde. The panel teases him if Kitty will pull a Mrs Robinson on Miles. He says he wouldn't mind it. Amanat is just shaking her head at this all stating this is all, "Wrong." 

- New designs for the Ultimate X-Men will be hitting online in the next few months. 

Questions for Panel

- You've teased breaking the wall down between 616 and Ultimates universes. Why was this the right time for the story? Bendis pitched this and it's Spider-Man's 50th Anniversary.  This will open a wormhole between both universes and it seems the perfect time for this. The characters were in the right positions for this.

- How long will Bendis write Ultimate Comics Spider-Man? When they pull this book from his cold dead hands.

- A very young fan asks if Peter become the Legion of the Unliving? No, but they have no plans for that alas.

- Are you going to bring more characters into the Ultimates book? Will you bring more 616 characters into the Ultimate Universe? They want to tell self contained simple stories. More stories with more characters? Not at the moment, but maybe in the future. They just want to focus on these three books. 

They want to keep trying new things. Sam talks on anyone can be an Ultimate and some who haven't been seen in awhile to show up and join. There are no plans for any more Spider-Men to appear in the mini or more crossovers.

- Is Ultimate Norman Osborn dead? Yeeeeesssss though Sana said his finale was open ended.  You can interpret it any way. 

- Any chance of Ultimate John Walker becoming US Agent? Not on the map right now.

- The Hulk started so big then get watered down. Is there going to be more focus on the Banner Hulk? Hulk will develop in the next few issues of the Ultimates.

- Question ask why 616 will be a huge impact for Miles? Ultimate Peter Parker is Miles Morales' Uncle Ben.  This is Miles meeting his hero. This will take Miles to that next level. 

This mini will be showcase Ultimate Spidey's supporting cast in Jonah, Gwen, and Aunt May meeting this 616 Peter Parker.

- Ultimate Spider-Woman and the fact that being originally a boy trapped in a female body why don't they tell these stories that show this fact? How does she cop with this?  "Miles" says she's pretty mean and kicked him in the face. If they have the time to tell the story they will, but now is not the time. Spider-Woman will be in the Ultimates and will continue to appear in Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.

- Specific question for Sam. Who's your fav Ultimates character? Sam says his favorite is Monica Chang the Black Widow. That the way she came up in these stories is very organic.   

- "Miles" has a question. When will he shoot webs? Sana says you will eventually before the panel quiets her into not spoiling too much.

 - Is the villain of Spider-Men cosmic-related? He's from Earth and has dimension powers. 

-  Is Utlimate Nightcrawler, Magneto, and Professor X still dead? Yes they are DEAD. DEAD IS DEAD. 616 Nightcrawler will be back but when it comes to Ultimates dead is dead in that universe. They compare the lack of death sticking in the 616 verse. For that the panel give the example of the Human Torch of Fantastic Four. Where he was dead for but a few months before returning to the Fantastic Four books. They want death to stick in the Ultimate universe.

Axel went back to why he doen't believe Ultimate Norman isn't dead. Until he see's him beheaded and the corpse rotting, he won't believe Norman is dead like he was left in Death of Spider-Man. 

Panel Ends.

Divided We Fall

Divided We Fall

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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