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Summer 2012 BroNYcon ALMOST LIVE Update: The Con Catches Fire

Written by Linwood Earl Knight on Sunday, July 01 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

What do you mean the con caught on fire!?! Well, click the link for more details!

Life happens as you're making plans, and that statement couldn't be any truer as the Summer 2012 BroNYcon suddenly had a fire break out the premises. Being on the scene as it happened, the fire started from a light just above the audience as Lauren Faust and her fellow panelists were answering fan questions during the writers' panel. As the light burned, the convention staff sprung into action and evacuated the building as quickly as they could, bringing a kind, but assertive face to the mandatory evacuation. What's even more amazing was not only how calm the evacuation was, but how much the Bronies present took the whole thing in stride, even cheering as the Fire Trucks rushed onto the scene. To help ease the wait, Tara Strong held her Sunday Morning autograph session on the premises of the Embassy Suites right across from the Medaowlands Convention Center.

As I report this, I can safely confirm that the fire has been contained and that vendors were being let back inside the convention, meaning that it was only a matter of time before the convention would re-commence. Stay tuned to the Outhouse for more details as they develop.


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Written or Contributed by: Linwood Earl Knight

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