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SDCC: DC's Vertigo Panel Bodes Well for Vertigo

Written by Royal Nonesuch on Friday, July 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC: DC's Vertigo Panel Bodes Well for Vertigo

DC's Vertigo had themselves a mature-attenders panel at San Diego.

Moderated, as per usual, by Editor-extraordinaire Karen Berger, the Vertigo panel at San Diego had a few words to say about...itself.  Anyway:

For the big news of the panel, that being Neil Gaiman's return to his landmark series Sandman, and the fact that it's a prequel (of course it is), click here.

The panel started off with the American Vampire team of Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque talking about "The Blacklisted," the series' second foray into the 1950's.  It will focus on lead characters Skinner and Pearl fighting Hollywood vampires.  Snyder promised "a new direction" for the series after "The Blacklisted."  Snyder also let on that the book is nearing its halfway point.

The Unwritten writer Mike Carey apparently said that more will be revealed about Tom Taylor. 

Fables writer Bill Willingham talked a bit about the "Cubs in Toyland" arc in that book, and said that the Wolves of the Heartland graphic novel will be out November 14.  He also said that he consults on everything that happens in Fairest, so it's able to maintain a consistent tone through all of its different writers.

Writer Mat Johnson will have another Vertigo project coming out, that being the political OGN Right State.

Sweet Tooth
writer Jeff Lemire said that he has the ending of the series already worked out, and that he's been working towards that from the beginning.

iZombie artist Mike Allred mentioned that the 50-ft Woman in the series will be naked.

In terms of archival projects, there will be a second volume of The Annotated Sandman, as well as a thousand-page anthology of The Invisibles.

Speaking of Sandman, JH Williams, the artist of the upcoming prequel story, said he looks forward to drawing Desire and Destiny of The Endless, and will be bringing his own interpretation to all of the characters, while keeping them familiar enough.

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