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SDCC: DC Comics: Superman Panel

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, July 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC: DC Comics: Superman Panel

Here's some highlights from the Superman panel, which took place Friday afternoon at SDCC.

Source: Newsarama

Here are some of the major news items coming out of SDCC's Superman panel, attended by Matt Idelson, Shane Davis, and Scott Lodbell.

-  Superman: Earth One #2 will feature a more classic version of Clark Kent, who's goofier and less emo than he was in the last installment.  Parasite will know MMA and will presumably try to hump Superman and curl up into a ball when threatened.  Also, Superman will have a new love interest who's "very forward".

- Lobdell's Superman run will feature Bizarro and Toyman and Axis America along with new characters, all in the vein of the New 52.  Lobdell also admitted that he annoyed everyone.

- Tom DeFalco's Superboy run will reveal why Supergirl considers clones to be dirty.  Clones, in Kryptonian culture, all ended up going homicidal, which leads to Supergirl trying to murder Superboy before it was too late.  There would be plenty of conflict between the three Superpeople because of this.  Superboy will also have the crap kicked out of him during the next five issues. 

-  Action Comics #13 reveals what happened to Krypto.  Lobdell cackled when he suggested that Krypto would be killed off.

-  The Superline will have tighter coordination after issue #13.

-  Supergirl will have a "Fort" of Solitude.  Lobdell also wants to add the character to Teen Titans, but there's been no definite plans made yet.

-  Superboy will be getting a new costume.

-  There are plans for Steel, Eradicator has been discussed as a concept but nothing has been planned and there are no plans to deal with the awful 90's trash character of Cyborg Suprman.  Spontaneous applause allegedly broke out upon fans hearing this news.

-  There are plans to introduce Lex Luthor into the "modern" DCnU (as opposed to Morrison's Action Comics, which takes place in the past).  Lobdell stated that his ideas about the characters caused a firestorm to erupt at DC.    

-   Lobdell thinks a Flash/Superman race is a stupid idea.

-   Superboy will be meeting with Superman soon.  The relationship between the two characters will be very different from the Old DC Universe.

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