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SDCC: Mike Mignola and Friends Panel

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, July 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC: Mike Mignola and Friends Panel

Here are some highlights from the Mike Mignola panel at SDCC!

Here are some highlights from Mike Mignola's panel at Comic-Con, which featured Mignola, Scott Allie, Tyler Crook and Cameron Stewart.

-  All of the BPRD books being released are building to a big event.  Mignola also noted that some of the BPRD stories take place after the unnamed event, which has been tricky to coordinate.

-  There are no plans to reunite Hellboy and the BPRD, but Mike Mignola did like a fan-suggested title of Hellboy on Earth.

-  Mignola and company have discussed doing more stories set in the 1940s, which feature a young Hellboy.

-  Hellboy in Hell's first four issues will be monthly and interconnected while future issues will all be single issue stories.

-  Mignola is working with John Arcudi on a story called the Creep, which is due to come out next month.  It's a five issue miniseries.

-  There was a lot of discussion about the expansion of the BPRD/Hellboy Universe and how they didn't want fans to feel like they were picking their pockets. 

-  Scott Allie confirmed that there would be no second volume of the Hellboy Companion, which both Mignola and Allie acknowledged was difficult to work on.  However, that book helped to bring about BPRD: 1946 and helped to solidify the Hellboy timeline.

-  There will be more Lobster Johnston stories.  

-  Mignola has a story in mind featuring Jack the Ripper and told Allie to put it one the schedule.

-  Mignola sees digital comics as the wave of the future, but added that he'd like to see trades continue to be published.  He said he wouldn't mind the phasing out of single issue comics, though.

-  There are no current plans for new Hellboy animated movies.  Mignola mentioned that animated movies were hard to do without a feature film accompanying them.

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