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SDCC: Justice League and Green Lantern Panel

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, July 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC: Justice League and Green Lantern Panel

Highlights from DC's Justice League panel!

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Here are some of the highlights of Friday's Justice League and Green Lantern panel, which was attended by Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, Tony Bedard, Brian Cunningham, Brian Buccellato, Francis Manapul, Jeff Lemire,  James Robinson and Nicola Scott.

-  Someone would be leaving the Justice League in Justice League #12.

-  Shazam will be meeting the Wizard in Justice League #0 and will join the Justice League shortly thereafter.

- The final issue of Justice League International was plotted by Johns and Dan Didio.  The story will focus on Booster Gold.  The book will also tie into Justice League #12.

-   Johns promised that the new "Gimp Lantern's" visual quirks will be explained.  He carries a gun as backup in case the ring runs out of juice.  The character's belief is that while a ring might run out of energy, a gun doesn't.  It runs out of bullets which is totally different.

-  The Third Army will lead into yet another Green Lantern story which is even larger.  The Third Army was created because the Guardians believe that Free Will is why the universe is so disorderly.

-  Johns alluded to the fall of Guy Gardner and noted that Green Lantern Corps #0 will focus on the character's origin.  

- Atrocitus, Larfleeze and Carol Ferris will all be joining the New Guardians.  Bedard states that the book's story is about Kyle mastering his emotions, which will come in handy against the Third Army.  

-  The Guardians will be trying to kill the major Green Lanterns, including Hal and Kyle.

-  Yup, the Guardians are responsible for the destruction/weakening of the various Corps.

-  Robinson revealed that Terry Sloane is the mysterious red-garbed character on the cover of Earth 2 #0.  He notes that while Sloane is a villain, he has noble intentions.

-  Wesley Dodds will be introduced as a Canadian hero and member of the World Army.  The World Army is run by a new character named Amir Khan, who Robinson states is "Nick Fury meets Captain Nemo."

-  Justice League Dark #0 is basically about Constantine, his relationship with Zatanna, who is in love with a new character that is basically the Moriarty to Constantine's Sherlock Holmes.  Jeff Lemire added that the character would be meeting the Justice League in the coming months and that he was excited to see Shazam meet Constantine for the first time.

-  Dr Fate and Wildcat will be introduced in future issues of Earth 2.  The second arc will be about the government heroes (which represent science) vs. the Justice Society (which represent magic).  In addition, some government heroes with familiar names will be introduced, including one who has already appeared in the series.

-  Jade officially does not exist in the New 52.  Bedard just confirmed that the character was erased just months after being resurrected.  However, Kyle Rayner still isn't good with the ladies.

-  Lee notes that all of DC's titles are being constantly evaluated and that the company is always trying to find ways of keeping its line diverse and filled with genres besides superheroes.

-  Starman Thom Kallor will appear in Legion of Superheroes.

-  Batman: Earth One #2 is already being scripted by Johns.

-  There are currently no plans to revisit any story threads from Flashpoint.  However, Johns added that you never know what could happen, though.

-  J'onn J'onnz will eventually return to the Justice League.  

-  Sodam Yat will reappear in the Green Lantern titles in 2013.

-  Barry Allen will not revisit his time as a Blue Lantern, nor will Blue Beetle join up with the Teen Titans.  However, Blue Beetle will make an appearance in the JLI Annual.

-  Eventually, Bart and Barry Allen will meet, but it's not planned in the immediate future.

-  Billy's edgy new attitude and hood will help differentiate Shazam from Superman, said Geoff Johns. He also noted that Shazam and Cyborg will get along but that Superman is much more of a wet blanket.

-  Robinson likes the idea of an Earth 2 Ma Hunkel.

-  Geoff Johns will be introducing the Metal Men to the New 52 at some point.

-  There are no plans to revisit Lobo's red ring.  However, The Dex-Starr Valentine Day's Special is still happening.  Johns is just waiting for Morrison to bring back Krypto.

-  We will see a concept similar to the Red in Earth 2 (although it won't be called that).  Wildcat will be involved with the Not-Red.  

-  Plastic Man may or may not appear in a future comic.  Johns said to ask them later.

-  Tony Bedard said that Wally West is hanging out with Ted Kord somewhere in limbo.  Yup, that's an actual quote.

-  And to finish, one final quote by Geoff Johns: "You always want your heroes to have a lesson and a moral center, even if they're screwed up like Billy Batson. It's okay, we're all a little flawed, and for Billy Batson to find the potential to become Shazam, that's more interesting than this perfect little kid that I've never met anyone like that before."

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