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SDCC: AVX: Consequences Announced

Written by ThanosCopter on Friday, July 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC: AVX: Consequences Announced

The new series will be written by Keiron Gillen.

Source: Marvel

Marvel announced AVX: Consequences at their Cup O' Joe Panel Friday evening.  The series will deal with the fallout of the battle between the two teams of heroes and appears to deal with the death of a character.  According to reports, the series will focus on Cyclops somewhat. 

The cover shows a chalk outline of a body being looked at by various Avengers, which, to this reporter at least, implies that Captain America's band of fascists straight up murdered someone.  However, it could be that they're mourning a fallen companion as well.  Who knows. 

The series will be written by Keiron Gillen and drawn by a bevy of artists.  It will run weekly throughout the month of October and will set up the rest of the Marvel Universe.   

SDCC: AVX: Consequences Announced

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