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SDCC 2012 Cup O' Joe Panel

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, July 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC 2012 Cup O' Joe Panel

A bunch of announcements started off the Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel at San Diego Comic-con 2012. The panel consisted of Joe Quesada, Axel Alonso, Jeph Loeb, CB Cebulski with Arune Singh once again on moderator duty.

Marvel NOW! talk, some new title announcements, and lots of Q&A at this event.

Source: SDCC 2012: Liveblog Central

Alonso started out talking about Marvel NOW! being a linewide initiative. For four months, there were will be a lot of #1 issues on the shelves. As mentioned in a previous panel, each of those will have a Marvel AR badge on it, linking to a recap to prep readers.

There was a bit of talk about Uncanny Avengers with Rick Remender and John Cassaday and how it represents the Marvel U post AVX.

The first reveal is Marvel NOW! Point One. Like the previous Point One one-shot, this will be an anthology which will contain stories that will prepare readers for the new status quo. Creators slated to be a part of this anthology include: Bendis, Fraction, Loeb, Spencer, Hopless, McNiven, Allred, McKelvie, and Larrocca. Loeb gave a hint about his contribution to this: "Diamondhead".

The next announcement was for a new series: A+X. It will showcase many characters including Wolverine, The Hulk, Captain America and Cable, and more later. Jeph Loeb, Dan Slott, Dale Keown and Ron Garney will be some of the creators working on this. It was described as being the opposite of AVX.

AVX: Consequences was the next bit of news. This title will be a 5-issues series by Kieron Gillen and will be weekly in October. It follows from the last page of AVX and sets the future direction of the Marvel Universe.

Arising from the popularity of the Skottie Young AVX "babies" cover, the next new title was born: A-Babies Vs. X-Babies! Young will write this labor of love with art duties by Guruhiru. Prepare for the pitter-patter of little feet in October.

After the formal announcements was the Q & A portion.

- There was a bit of discussion of Bendis and Immonen's All-New X-Men
- When asked about more Marvel Knights animation, Loeb said to check the Marvel TV panel for some surprises
- There was some discussion about the transition from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (EMH) and Avengers Assemble. It was said that it wasn't like Avengers EMH, never happened, but Avengers Assemble is the next generation in the Avengers cartoon's evolution
- When asked about comics for kids, the Marvel Universe line is noted, with Chris Yost, Dan Slott, Ty Templeton working on them
- On the future of Hulk, it's said that there will be a new dynamic between Banner and the Hulk. They also said that humor will be featured in the book
- When asked about when they start planning for Summer events, they said that they have a rough idea for the next three years
- Questioned about Loners' Red Ronin and Hollow, Singh said that December would be a big month for Marvel U's teen characters
- Quesada says the future of cosmic heroes is very, very bright (is he going to blow them up?)
- Will need to wait and see what happened to Richard Rider
- Once again mentioned that the door to the Ultimate Universe is open
- X-Force and Deadpool are a part of Marvel NOW! but they won't speak of it yet
- No plans to bring Ben Reilly back (sorry guys!)
- Also No plans for more Marvel UK characters to show up; there will be more Nova in Marvel NOW!
- There will be some prominent female heroes (besides Captain Marvel) in Marvel NOW!
- There are plans for Ultron (Ultron War?)

SDCC 2012 Cup O' Joe Panel

SDCC 2012 Cup O' Joe Panel

SDCC 2012 Cup O' Joe Panel

SDCC 2012 Cup O' Joe Panel

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