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SDCC 2012 Marvel All Winners Squad Press Conference

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, July 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC 2012 Marvel All Winners Squad Press Conference

As teased last week, Marvel hosted a press conference introducing the world to: The All Winners Squad!

Jesse Falcon introduced the Academy Award-nominated Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me, Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope, and The Simpsons 20th Anniversary Special – In 3-D! On Ice!) who explained that these underdog characters petitioned Marvel to be given a team. The first three members of the team were brought onstage and were revealed to be...

Source: SDCC 2012: Liveblog Central

... Unicorn, Hypno Hustler, and Squirrel Girl!

Squirrel Girl went on to say that the All Winner Squad consists of characters who do not get the limelight. The Hypno Hustler requested some respect and the new good-guy Unicorn "wants to return the majestic legacy of the unicorn to the right side of the rainbow".

The conference was full of chatter as the characters exchanged insults about unicorns, the state of the music industry (which turned the Hypno Hustler to crime) and death, as Squirrel Girl grieved for Monkey Joe.

The battle cry of the All Winner Squad varied, but seemed to settle on "The All-Winners Squad unite, for we are a legitimate team...with weekends off!"

A video was shown (promised to be posted at marvel.com next week highlighting the All Winners Squad's visit to the Marvel offices.

Otehr members of the team include: The Trapster, Ruby Thursday, Walrus, Frog Man, Howard the Duck, Batroc, Big Wheel, Boomerang, Demolition Man (!), Devil Dinosaur, Doop, Ego the Living Planet, Hellcow, Hit-Monkey, Man Bull, Mister Fish, Phone Ranger, Rocket Racer and Stilt Man!

The conference then turned to a Q&A session, with date proposals to Squirrel Girl, potential movie, and if Squirrel Girl's fur keeps her warm (with a terrible pun).

Last but not least, All Winners Squad merchandise produced by NECA (The National Entertainment Collectibles Association, Inc.) will be available at Hot Topic.

SDCC 2012 Marvel All Winners Squad Press Conference

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