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SDCC: Locke and Key Panel Highlights

Written by Jude Terror on Sunday, July 15 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SDCC: Locke and Key Panel Highlights

Check out some highlights from the Locke and Key panel at San Diego Comic Con!

Source: CBR

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez hosted a mostly Q&A panel about Locke and Key. Here are the highlights:

 - The pair joked around at the beginning of the panel, thanking fans for attending the "My Little Pony" panel. My Little Pony is a bonafide geek phenomenom now, which should shame us all. IDW, which publishes Locke and Key, will soon publish a My Little Pony comic book. That being said, Locke and Key is an acclaimed, Eisner Award winning series, so that kind of makes up for it.

- This is the last panel at which the creators will speak before Omega wraps up.

- Before Omega they will release a series of one-shot stories, beginning with Grindhouse. They compared the one-shots to the single stories published in Neil Gaiman's Sandman run, and also to their own story, Open Moon.

- They showed some preview pages that displayed a mobster-style crime scene, and said they were inspired by "dirty crime comics from the 50s."

- They thanked IDW for allowing them to publish Locke and Key as a series of minis instead of an ongoing, which suits their style.

- Omega will get an extra issue, and is now seven issues long.

- Half-jokingly, Hill threatened to kill off major characters, saying he believes in the Joss Whedon system where a creator has to be willing to pull the trigger on their favorite character. So anything can happen!

- Omega will be the end of the epic story that began with Welcome to Lovecraft, but it will not be the end of the series. The next mini will be called The Golden Age, and will feature a new cast. IDW Editor in Chief Chris Ryall said that Locke and Key was unique in that the concept allows for the book to continue once the overall story ends.

- Hill said he would like to do a book called Locke and Key: Battleground that takes place during World War 2 and explains why adults cannot see the magic of the keys at some point in the future.

- The pair interacted with fans for a Q&A session. They discussed Rodriguez's architecture background, and how he found IDW when the comics industry in Chile "fell apart. Ryall said he stacked the deck when showing Rodriguez's art samples to Hill, adding only "shitty" samples as alternatives, because he believed Rodriguez was the only man for the job.

- Hill quit the book following the revelation of this betrayal.

- Just kidding, that didn't happen.

- Hill said that "Freddy Krueger" style horror where the characters are just "ten pins to be knocked down" fails where Locke and Key succeeds because readers care about the good guys. This contrasts with Marvel's approach to comics of making their heroes perform horrifically out of character villainous actions until fans wish them dead.

- Hill has no intention of publishing the series bible, which is a reference document for the creators, because it is "too inside."

- The creators made light of Hill's Twitter war against the band Rush, but Rodriguez admitted he liked the band and there would be no Locke and Key without them, which is, in this reporter's opinions, the band's only saving grace.

- Hill talked about his second novel, Horns, about a man who wakes up with a hangover and a pair of horns growing out of his head which force people to confess their sins and beg to commit more. Danielle Radcliffe will be playing the protagonist in the movie adaptation, as we found out this weekend. Hill teased a full frontal nude scene for the former Harry Potter in the movie.

- Hill's next book will be called NOS4A2 about a magic car that corrupts children, similar to the vans of many Outhouse readers.

- Ellie's son Rufus will have a role to play in the final story arc.

- Hill is not against his father, Stephen King, getting a cameo in the Horns movie. This is bad luck because movies associated with King have about a 10% rate of box office success.

Written or Contributed by: Jude Terror

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