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Marvel Animation Rumblings

Written by Zechs on Thursday, June 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Marvel Animation Rumblings

Marvel Animation rumors are swirling including details on a possible new animated X-Men program.

On Ultimate Spider-Man:

- Marvel knows how much fans hate the show. They know, that they messed up when they could have brought both kids and adults fans together, instead of focusing on the children. Regardless of what their PR BS makes it sound, the reason Ultimate Spider-man has been renewed for a second season, is that the network ordered the second season WAY before the series debut. The publicity stunt Marvel pulled by stating the show has been renewed by popular demand, is just a strategy to try and tell fans that people like this show maybe you should give it a second chance.

- Ratings for the show are not good. He then gave me the following example: If you have 10 people watching a channel, then you introduce a new show, and instantly 200 are watching, but after 2 weeks the number goes down to 60 you still have bad ratings drop, yet its way better than the original 10 they had before the show. Agent X wants you to look at that statement carefully and you will know the "TRUE" meaning of Marvel ratings PR stunt.

- Chances are more than high that Ultimate Spider-man will conclude after season 2. There will be some minor changes to the show during its 2013 season (a bit less in your face humor, a tiny bit more drama, and less scripts from "man of action" while more from Bendis and Dini). If by chance, the fans embrace the show in its second season it will be renewed, otherwise a new Spider-man show will replace it. Early talk about a series in the same tone as the upcoming movie reboot have been discussed, but nothing more than just that: discussion. Agent X also still urges the fans to show their disapproval of the show, since Marvel is listening, although it takes months and years for the company to answer the cries.

On Hulk: Agents of S.M.A.S.H.:

- Agent X wants to make sure that people understand that the HULK and the Agents of SMASH is meant for kids, much like Ultimate Spider-man. Which a mistake Marvel is now realizing, but again, way too late.

- After Ultimate Spider-man fan backlash, Marvel is almost certain that hardcore fans are not going to enjoy this show either.

- Unlike Ultimate Spider-man, only 26 episode have been ordered, and to not make the same mistake again, the network will wait on the ratings before ordering a second season of SMASH.

- As mentioned before, the show premise is ACTION, ACTION, ACTION with no place for plot development. The target demographic of the show is boys ages 5-12. So again it seems a disney kids show with Marvel characters.

On Avengers: Assemble:

- According to Agent X, Avengers Assemble is the most ambitious TV animation project for marvel, ever. Unlike, Ultimate Spider-man and Hulk Agents of SMASH, the new Avengers show is taking cues from the successful Marvel Cinematic Universe, and from the thousands of angry fans comments towards the direction of Ultimate Spider-man. As a result the new show WILL NOT be in the same universe as Ultimate Spidey, nor is it in the same universe as Hulk and the Agents of SMASH.

- While still a cartoon, Avengers Assemble will be taking itself seriously and trying to appeal to both kids and hardcore fans.

- Marvel is spending money on Avengers Assemble than any other show, so expect high quality animation like never before.

- Wishful talk was made to have the actors from the Avengers movie reprise their roles in the show. But due to high costs, the idea could have been scrapped. Agent X does not know what was the final decision in this matter, but he knows that whoever is voicing the characters will try to sound similar to the movie cast.

- Falcon was chosen to be in the roster, so that fans get familiarized with the character, before his "certain" appearance in the next phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

- Panther and Antman will join the cast later and a possible Ms Marvel inclusion is also on the table.

- Thanos will feature as a big villain in the show.

It's already been rumored with Ant-Man and Black Panther would be joining the show later on. Though,

Now onto the small bit of X-Men animation news:

- According to Agent X, 2 more, unannounced Marvel animated TV series are in different stage of production.

- One of these series is a new X-men animated show.

- Not much is known abt the X-men show except that it might have the same tone as Avengers Assemble.

- Agent X either did not want to reveal the second project or did not have enough info.

Though this reporter would recommend you take these rumors with a grain of salt, until further confirmation is heard.

Source: EXCLUSIVE: “Agent X” spills the bean on the future of Marvel Animation, and did he just mention a new X-men TV series ?
Written or Contributed by: Zechs

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