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Has DC Done Something Stupid Today?

Are you tired of having to comb through dozens of articles trying to figure out if DC Comics has done something cringeworthy today? Would you like to be the first person to know how long it's been since DC's alienated fans, minorities or people with discerning taste? Do you like regularly experiencing schadenfreude at the expense of a major corporate entity? Well, The Outhouse has the solution for you! Stay up to date at!

Note: Not every article here resulted in a counter update. Some are included because they are related to updates, to enhance the narrative.

David Finch Conducts Anatomical Study to Prepare for Wonder Woman

The artist is conducting a detailed study of the female figure to prepare him for his upcoming run.

DC Looking to Upgrade Maturity of Comics by Having Kids Write and Draw Them for New Contest

A new online talent search gives DC the legal right to use characters and concepts created by your children.

Investigative Report: DC Replacing Letterers With Child Slaves?

We investigated accusations that DC was not properly crediting its letterers, but what we found was far, far worse.

DC is BACK, Baby! Presenting: Green Lantern, The Emerald Archer

We were almost ready to believe DC had gotten their act together.

DC Shocker: DC Credits Eric Powell Batman Cover to Ryan Sook

Powell posted a photo of the error, which credited Ryan Sook with Powell's cover to Arkham: Living Hell, on Facebook.

Top Five Reasons DC Has Not Done Something Stupid Lately

Surely, there's an explanation for this strange behavior.

DC Shocker: Lex Luthor is Joining the Justice League

In the wake of Forever Evil, Luthor will be joining the Justice League, along with Captain Cold.

DC Shocker: John Layman Off Batman Eternal? (Rumor)

So says the latest gossip from Bleeding Cool...

DC Hopes to Supercharge Aryan Nation with New Collectible

The White Power Battery is sure to be a fixture in racists' homes for years to come.

DC Does Something Right: Buys Al Plastino Art and Donates to Museum

Has DC done something classy today? For the most part, yes.

DC Relents on Detective Comics #27 Subscription Snafu

Dan Didio indicated that the issue had been fixed on his Facebook page.

A Lot Can Happen In Five Years: DC’s (Rumored) Future

“Different” does not necessarily mean “stupid,” even when it comes to DC.

Circle Of Life: Mutant Cockroaches to Take Over DC Executive Offices After Move To Burbank

Building owners note that at least the cockroaches make good comics and clean up after themselves.

7 Biggest 'Has DC Done Something Stupid Today' Stories of 2013

This week, the Saturday Seven takes a look at how busy the folks at DC kept the folks responsible for the "counter" and what the biggest stories were for the year.

How DC Stole Detective Comics

With massive apologies to Dr. Seuss

DC Announces New Executive Talent Search Contest

The winner will be hired as the next bungling DC executive for a ridiculous salary and the opportunity to alienate fans and creators.

Harley Quinn Suicide Contest 'Discovers' Not So New Artist

Jeremy Roberts has 74 comics credits to his name, including some for DC.