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Bill Finger's Granddaughter Will Seek Batman Creator Credit for 75th Anniversary

Athena Finger says it's "time to come out of the shadows and speak up and end 75 years of exploitation of my grandfather."

First Trailer for 'Gotham'

The HD trailer will premier tonight during the first episode of 24: Live Another Day, or you can just watch it here.

DC Comics Previews For May 7 (UPDATED)

Green Arrow #31, The New 52: Futures End #1, Batman Eternal #5, Detective Comics #31, Batman/Superman #10, The Wake #8, Aquaman And The Others #2, Green Lantern #31, Earth 2 #23, Justice League 3000...

DC Comics Previews For April 30 (UPDATED)

Batman Beyond Universe #9, Scribblenauts Unmasked: Crisis Of Imagination #4, Flash Annual #3, Adventures Of Superman #12, Batman '66 #10, Forever Evil Aftermath: Batman vs Bane #1, Batman Eternal #4,...

DC Announces Plans to Put BATMAN on Almost Every Cover in July 2014... And We Love It!

Newsarama stole our shtick, so we're stealing theirs right back.

'Batman Beyond' Short is Here!

The Darwyn Cooke-75th Batman Anniversary special is here!

'Batman: Assault On Arkham' Trailer

We've got the trailer to the next DC Animated movie right here! Oh and it's Suicide Squad related.

DC Comics Previews For April 23

The Flash #30, Justice League United #0, Batman Eternal #3, Batman/Superman #9, Larfleeze #10, Justice League Dark #30, Aquaman #30, Red Lanterns #30, Teen Titans #30

Amazon UK Prime Uploads Entire 'Beware the Batman' Series

So you want to see all twenty-six episodes of this animated show? Well you're going to need a Amazon Prime account.

'Beware the Batman' Returns on Toonami block

The hiatus-prone show is returning on Toonami May 10th.

First Look at 'Batman Beyond' Short

The Bruce Timm/Darwyn Cooke joint venture on an all new short featuring Batman Beyond.

DC Comics Previews - April 16 (Round 2)

Sinestro #1, Trinity Of Sin: Pandora #10, Batwoman #30, Birds Of Prey #30, Justice League #29, Wonder Woman #30

DC Comics Previews For April 16

Batman And Wonder Woman #30, Harley Quinn #5, Batman Eternal #2, Green Lantern: New Guardians #30, Batman #30, Supergirl #30

'Batman: Strange Days' is Now Strangely Online

Yes, Kevin Conroy reprises his role as the Batman in this 75th Anniversary Dark Knight animated-short and we've got it here for you!

More DC Comics Previews - April 9

Green Lantern Corps #30, Justice League 3000 #5, The Royals: Masters Of War #3, Superman/Wonder Woman #7

DC Comics Previews For April 9

Batgirl #30, Constantine #13, Worlds' Finest #22, Coffin Hill #7, Astro City #11

Batman Eternal #1 Preview (UPDATED)

The start of the Bat-story so big it’s going to take every week of the month to tell!

First Look at Bruce Timm's Animated Short: 'Batman: Strange Days'

The Bruce Timm animated Batman is back just in time for The Dark Knight's 75th Anniversary.

Detective Comics #30 Preview

The new creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato kick off with a new story arc!

Worlds' Finest #21 Preview

Part 4: read at your own risk as part 3 has been delayed to April 16