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Image Expo: James Robinson To Write Dense, Self-Referential Meta-Comic About Golden Age Hero; In Other Words, It's Thursday

The creator is launching a psuedo-biographical meta-comic about trying to relaunch a public domain Golden Age character.

Image Expo: Nick Spencer Has Three More Reasons to Neglect Plot Development in Morning Glories

The superstar writer announced three new books at the comics event of the year.

Image Expo: Fraction's Casanova Heads Back to Image, Plus ODY-C

Marvel and DC are really taking a pounding at the Image Expo today.

Image Expo: DC Top Dog Scott Snyder Writing Wytches for Image

The most powerful man at DC Comics without an executive position will be bringing his talents and artist Jock to Image for Wytches.

Bitches and Wytches: An Image Expo Recap

A full rundown of all the announcements from Image Expo.

Image Expo: Kelly Sue DeConnick. Bitch Planet.

A new series from Kelly Sue DeConnick will apparently feature a cast of female dogs in heat.

Image Expo: Image Just Making Up Genres Now with Remender's New Series - Low (NSFW)

The series is being billed as an aquatic sci-fi fantasy, whatever the hell that means.

Image Expo: We Were Right - Triple #1 Relaunch for Invincible #111

The landmark 111th issue packs the power of THREE #1 relaunches as Image epicly trolls Marvel.

Image Expo: New Tech Jacket Digital Miniseries from Joe Keatinge and Khary Randolph

The deluge of announcements from the Image Expo begins with Tech Jacket vs. Invincible, only in digital!

Black Science #2 Preview

How did the Anarchist League of Scientists end up this deep in the onion? Who among them sabotaged the Pillar?

Aki Con 2013: Yet Another Example Why Sexual Misconduct at Conventions Needs to Be Taken Seriously

If you didn't think sexual misconduct was an issue, this might change your mind.

DragonCon & Ed Kramer Officially Cut Ties

It's taken them almost a decade to sever their professional relationship with Edward Kramer, but DragonCon is finally free.

Comikaze Expo, You Messed With... Oh OK, You're Not So Bad (Updated)

Outhouse favorite Larime Taylor blasts Comikaze Expo for it's lack of support for disabled creators.

Confirmed DC Cancellations: Vibe, Katana, Green Team

The three Nu52 titles are confirmed canceled as of December and January, but Superman: Unchained lives on!

NYCC 2013 Friday Wrap-up

As we head into the weekend at New York Comic Con, check out all the news The Outhouse reported on yesterday.

NYCC: Marvel Goes Global

Marvel lied, bloggers cried.

NYCC: More Marvel Caps-Locked Teasers NOW!

More Marvel one-word caps-locked teasers were unleashed on the internet today.

Stallone to Charge $400 for Autograph, $450 for Photo at NYCC

Want to meet the star of Cliffhanger, Oscar, and Stop or My Mom Will Shoot? Better bring your wallet!