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Dynamite Comics

Justice Inc #2 Preview

What happens if you touch a version of yourself from a different time-line? Find out here!

Solar: Man Of The Atom #5 Preview

Too bad super powers don't come with a User Manual.

Burger Sledding!: Bob's Burgers #1!

Equestranauts fan-fiction, a burger musical and others!

Review: The Devilers #2

The Devilers #2 has caught my eye...OF THE BEAST! OY VEY!

Celebrating Chaos!

When people turn their noses down at the comic book industry, Chaos is what their imaginations conjure.

SDCC: Dynamite Denies Profiling as Ron Marz Takes Over "Warlord of Mars"

The comic publisher is refuting charges that they're hiring writers based solely on their last name.

Dynamite Has the Spirit

No, really, they have the rights to the Spirit now.

Yesterday was Secretly Cullen Bunn Comic Announcement Day

Cullen Bunn had two comics announced, and we didn't cover either one!

Solar: Man Of The Atom #4 Preview

Move over men, it's the Woman Of The Atom!

Gail Simone Claims Monopoly on Metal Bikinis with "Women of Dynamite" Crossover

The federal government is investigating to see if she violated anti-trust legislation.

Magnus: Robot Fighter #5 Preview

All-New story: The Uncanny Valley !

Interview: Matt F'n Brady Talks Warlord of Mars #0, Leaving Comics Journalism, and More!

That's right! It's Matt Brady on The Outhouse! Hell has frozen over!

Skottie Young Baby Variants Reach Pandemic Proportions with New Interlocking Spider-Verse Covers

The baby variants are in danger of destroying the comics ecosystem according to one top scientist.

Dynamite Entertainment Previews For June 25

Solar: Man Of The Atom #3, Mark Waid's Green Hornet #13, Flash Gordon #3

Dynamite Entertainment Previews For June 18

Magnus: Robot Fighter #4, Red Sonja #10, Red Sonja: Sanctuary One-Shot

Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #4 Preview

Chapter 4 brings us a swarthy Phantom, a mechanical Devil and some very pricey variant Concept & Incentive Covers.

Exactly What You Think It Is: Vampirella #1 Review

If you've read Vampirella before, you know what you'll be getting here, for better or worse.

Batman '66 Meets The Green Hornet #1 Preview

A 6-issue mini-series co-published by DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment.