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Dynamite Comics

Dynamite Signs Big Deal With Well Known Author BRANDON SANDERSON

In what is possible the biggest story of the day, the publisher will produce graphic novels based on the works of BRANDON SANDERSON!

Dynamite Signs Big Deal With Well Known Author DEAN KOONTZ

In what is possible the biggest story of the day, the publisher will produce graphic novels based on the works of DEAN KOONTZ!

Terminator best watch his back! Magnus Robot Fighter #3 Review

Robot punchings for everyone! Plus a cameo by the Dude!

Dynamite Really Pleased With Selves After Getting Back John Carter Rights

The publisher settled with the corporate personhood of Edgar Rice Burroughs and got back the publishing rights to John Carter and "Lord of the Jungle."

Comic Book Resources: Your Internet Home for Graphic, Uncensored Rape Scenes With No NSFW Warning

The Eisner Award Winning site just posted a comic book preview with a graphic, uncensored rape scene featuring full frontal nudity. Um... NSFW?

Game of Thrones #20

Kelly C saves a girl. Jon Snow gets a sword. Maester Aemon feeds crows.

Middle Aged White Men Rejoice: Dynamite To Publish Tom Clancy Comics

Lacking the hand to eye coordination necessary to play the video games, all of our dads will now be able to read the stories that passed them by.

Dynamite Entertainment Previews For April 16 (UPDATED)

Solar: Man Of The Atom #1, The Shadow #24

Dynamite Previews For April 9

Magnus: Robot Fighter #2, Kings Watch #5, Flash Gordon #1

80 Year Old Man Excited for New Cullen Bunn Shadow Series From Dynamite

The youngest living fan of pulp heroes is overjoyed to learn that the Sixth Gun and Fearless Defenders scribe will take on one of his favorite characters.

Dynamite Entertainment Previews for April 2

Mark Waid's The Green Hornet #11, Red Sonja #8, The Shadow: Year One #8

Veronica Mars DRM Clusterfuck Or: How Now I Have To Tell My Wife She Was Right

Just once I’d like to go a day without having to admit it.

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Review SPOILER -- He fights a robot!

Yeah, I went with the Liefeld variant cover. Deal with it.

Kevin Smith Promises Fans Double The Wait Time In New Series

The writer of "Daredevil: The Target" and "Batman: Whatever Comes After Widening Gyre" promises to bring fans the wait they've been, um, waiting for!

80 Year Old Man Excited for Batman/Green Hornet Crossover by Kevin Smith

The crossover event is sure to be a big hit with people born in the first half of the twentieth century.

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Preview

THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING! Superstar Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith present a stunning re-imagining of Magnus: Robot Fighter you never saw coming!

Kings Watch #4 Preview

The Cobra has engineered the most devastating event to hit planet Earth in millennia!

Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure #2 Preview

Chapter 2 of 7: 'Life In The Big City'

Diamond Lists Top Sales For January 2014

Product and sales stats courtesy of Diamond Comics Distributors