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Hawkeye Annual 1 - Review

The review of the first ever Hawkeye Annual!

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24

We're neck deep in “City Fall” with the penultimate moment promised having arrived.

Virgin Disappointed by Quality Storytelling in Aspen's Fathom #1

Expecting titillating cheesecake, the man was upset to find a compelling story and perfect jumping on point for new readers.

Book Review: 'The Crown Tower' by Michael J. Sullivan

Reading Realms takes a look at The Crown Tower, a return to the origin of 'Riyria.'

Review: Adventures of Superman #12

A review of the new digital comic by DC.

Review: Pacific Rim

Monster-and-robot-phile Zechs chimes in on the giant monsters versus robot slugfest.

Superior Foes of Spiderman Review!

A villain's book done right.

RUViews: Escape From The Comic Book Fort! Episode 5

RU returns from hiatus, with excuses!

The Punisher by Greg Rucka volumes 2 & 3, Thief of Thieves vol. 2: Help Me, Utopiates, The Authority, and Deadpool MAX.

Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is this generation's Independence Day, an effects-filled, action packed blockbuster with a light plot and a lot of fun.

Review Group #387 - Justice League #22

After weeks of correcting RU, PhoenixEquinox finally gets his pick! And he went with Justice League #22.

Book Review: 'A Guile of Dragons' by James Enge

Reading Realms Reviews James Enge's prequel to his Morlock series: 'A Guile of Dragons'

Avengers A.I. #1 Review

Everyone stop what you are doing and BUY THIS BOOK!

Comic Book Reading Log - June

Reading Realms offers mini-reviews of most of the comics I read in June.

Review: 'Lazarus' #1

Rucka and Lark's 'Lazarus' debut will blow you away.

Review: 'The Wake' #2

Vertigo still the best thing DC has to offer, despite attempts to diminish the line.

Age of Ultron Series Review

How is Age of Ultron as a whole? In a single word: disappointing.

Review: All New X-Men #12

It's X-Men vs. Avengers (again) and brother vs. brother in the latest issue.

Comic Book Reading Log - May

32 mini-comic book reviews for the month of May.

Advanced Ritten RUview: Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike - A Dark Place TPB

Is “It’s not as bad as I expected” a valid review?

Review: Captain America #7

Cap has found a way out of dimension Z, but not the way he planned.