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Ducktales: Remastered

Woo-oo! Zechs reviews the upgraded remake of the classic NES game based on the equally classic cartoon series.

Book Review: 'The Executioner's Heart' by George Mann

Reading Realms reviews the latest 'Newbury & Hobbes' series of steampunk mystery novels.

Review Group #392 - Saga #13

Everyone celebrate - its Grayson's first ever Review Group pick!

Review: Infinity #1

Infinity is ambitious and confusing but beautifully drawn.

Frank Read Trillium!

It like Robotech, but with less robots!

This Week In Punchy for the 31st of July 2013

Comics reviews right in your face from Punchy (get it, like a punch in the face?), including Batman Inc, FF, X-Men, Animal Man, The Wake and Captain Marvel.

Review: The Wolverine

Zechs takes a stab out of the latest X-Men solo movie featuring its breadwinner: The Wolverine.

Hawkeye Annual 1 - Review

The review of the first ever Hawkeye Annual!

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24

We're neck deep in “City Fall” with the penultimate moment promised having arrived.

Virgin Disappointed by Quality Storytelling in Aspen's Fathom #1

Expecting titillating cheesecake, the man was upset to find a compelling story and perfect jumping on point for new readers.

Book Review: 'The Crown Tower' by Michael J. Sullivan

Reading Realms takes a look at The Crown Tower, a return to the origin of 'Riyria.'

Review: Adventures of Superman #12

A review of the new digital comic by DC.

Review: Pacific Rim

Monster-and-robot-phile Zechs chimes in on the giant monsters versus robot slugfest.

Superior Foes of Spiderman Review!

A villain's book done right.

RUViews: Escape From The Comic Book Fort! Episode 5

RU returns from hiatus, with excuses!

The Punisher by Greg Rucka volumes 2 & 3, Thief of Thieves vol. 2: Help Me, Utopiates, The Authority, and Deadpool MAX.

Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim is this generation's Independence Day, an effects-filled, action packed blockbuster with a light plot and a lot of fun.

Review Group #387 - Justice League #22

After weeks of correcting RU, PhoenixEquinox finally gets his pick! And he went with Justice League #22.

Book Review: 'A Guile of Dragons' by James Enge

Reading Realms Reviews James Enge's prequel to his Morlock series: 'A Guile of Dragons'

Avengers A.I. #1 Review

Everyone stop what you are doing and BUY THIS BOOK!

Comic Book Reading Log - June

Reading Realms offers mini-reviews of most of the comics I read in June.