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Marvel Comics Previews For September 24 (UPDATED)

Cyclops #5, Edge Of Spider-Verse #3, Amazing X-Men #11, Inhuman #6, Magneto #10, Storm #3

Marvel Comics Previews For September 17

All-New X-Men #32, Avengers World #13, Daredevil #8, Edge Of Spider-Verse #2, Savage Hulk #4, Thor: God Of Thunder #25, Superior Spider-Man #33

Marvel Comics Previews For August 13

All-New X-Men #30, Amazing Spider-Man #5, Fantastic Four #8, Original Sin #7

Marvel Comics Previews For August 6

Black Widow #9, Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #4, She-Hulk #7, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #14, Superior Spider-Man #32, New Avengers #22, Moon Knight #6

SDCC: Marvel Animation Panel

Stephen Wacker and Jeph Loeb take us on a wild ride through Marvel's various animated products. Oh and Marvel shows off it's next new animated show.

Amazing Spider-Man Franchise Not Dead; Sinister Six and ASM 3 Get Release Dates

Anxious to prove that their Amazing Spider-Man movies aren't already due for a reboot, Sony announced the release dates for two more movies.

Marvel Comics Previews For July 23

All-New Doop #4, All-New Invaders #8, Storm #1, Wolverine And The X-Men #6, Amazing Spider-Man #4, Daredevil #6

Abandon Ship! Robert Orci Leaves Amazing Spider-Man Franchise

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 writer has left the franchise, which may now be in a rapid free fall to cinematic limbo.

Hobgoblin and Carnage Nab AXIS-Related Mini-Series Set for October

The two Spidey villains will be getting AXIS-related mini-series in October.

Tom Breevort Covers The Marvel 75th Anniversary Special!

Take a look at the celebratory comic cover that he created.

Marvel Comics Previews For June 25

All-New Doop #3, Amazing Spider-Man #3, Fantastic Four #6, Ms. Marvel #5, Original Sin #3.1, New Avengers #20, New Avengers Annual #1, Uncanny Avengers #21, Savage Hulk #1

'Ultimate Spider-Man - Web Warriors' US Premiere: August 31st

By that time period the UK viewers will be neck deep in the series.

'Ultimate Spider-Man - Web Warriors' Debuts First in UK

The third season of Ultimate Spider-Man has begun airing in the UK first. Those poor.. er lucky fellows. Yeah lucky.

Korean Spider-Man Statue Banned for Spider-Boner

The year-old statue was removed after pictures aroused too much interest on social media.

Gerard Way to Make Marvel Debut in Edge of Spider-Verse Miniseries

The My Chemical Romance singer will be writing an installment of the five issue miniseries.

Cash Rules Everything Around Marvel

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