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DC Comics Previews For April 16

Batman And Wonder Woman #30, Harley Quinn #5, Batman Eternal #2, Green Lantern: New Guardians #30, Batman #30, Supergirl #30

More DC Comics Previews - April 9

Green Lantern Corps #30, Justice League 3000 #5, The Royals: Masters Of War #3, Superman/Wonder Woman #7

DC Comics Previews For April 9

Batgirl #30, Constantine #13, Worlds' Finest #22, Coffin Hill #7, Astro City #11

Worlds' Finest #21 Preview

Part 4: read at your own risk as part 3 has been delayed to April 16

Adventures Of Superman #11 Preview

The DC DIGITAL FIRST series featuring old-school Superman with his red shorts!

New Content Solicited For Batman / Superman #10

The change to this issue is great news for Ray Palmer fans!

Supergirl #29 Preview

RED DAUGHTER OF KRYPTON, part 1: 'Inner Demons'

Superman Unchained #6 Preview (UPDATED)

A preview of the 9 variant covers and 4 interior pages

Superman / Wonder Woman #6 Preview

Will this battle be 'To The Death'?

Action Comics #29, Green Arrow #29 Previews

Action Comics #29 & Green Arrow #29 on sale March 5, 2014

Batman / Superman Annual #1 Preview

The Batman and Superman families team-up.

Superman #28 Preview

Lois uses the phrase: 'To me, my L-Men' in 3 .. 2 .. 1

Batman / Superman #8 Preview

Jae Lee returns as Artist in part 1 of the FIRST CONTACT cross-over

Supergirl #28 Preview

'Red Daughter of Krypton' starts here!

Mega Double Dog Exclusive Preview of Superman: Doomed #1

The Outhouse has obtained an exclusive preview of May's Superman crossover event. Suck it, CBR!

Superman / Wonder Woman #5 Preview

Diana returns to Themyscira in 'Reflections'

Action Comics #28 Preview

Superman, Lana lang and Ukur discover 'What Lies Beneath'

Adventures Of Superman #9 Preview

'You am working Bizarro's first nerve'