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'The Walking Dead' Teases Mid-Season Return

AMC releases photos, a new teaser, and the synopsis ahead of February 9th, mid-season premier.

'Game of Thrones' Foreshadowing Special To Air February 9th

If you need encouragement to tune back into season four of Game of Thrones, HBO has you covered next month.

Cartoon Network No Longer Wants You to Want to Bang the Powerpuff Girls

That's the only reasonable conclusion we can draw from their response.

Deathlok Headed To 'Agents of SHIELD'

New information on Deathlok appearing in the show as well as Stan Lee's and Lady Sif's appearances.

Arrow Annotations - S02E11: "Blind Spot"

A look back at the Easter Eggs and comic references in last night's episode of Arrow.

Supernatural: "First Born"

In which we shift some paradigms.

Does Cartoon Network Want You to Want to Bang the Powerpuff Girls?

That's the only reasonable conclusion we can draw from this story.

ABC President Paul Lee Happy With Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Ratings

In related news, ABC President Paul Lee apparently lives in an alternate universe.

NBC Chairman Promises Fun Tone, Scary Supernatural Stuff for Constantine TV Show

Promising words or portent of impending doom for the fledgeling DC Comics adaptation?! U DECIDE!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Your friends' lives are more important than yours

Donal Logue Offered Part of Harvey Bullock for 'Gotham'

"Minor" adjustment to the Donal Logue story from a few days ago.

Lady Sif To Appear on 'Agents of SHIELD'

Jamie Alexander may not have been cast as Wonder Woman, but at least she's headed to... television.

Teaser for Return of 'The Walking Dead' Season 4

The Walking Dead gang moving on after the war over the prison.

American Horror Story Season 4 To Be Set in 1950

In what may be Jessica Lange's final season on American Horror Story, she'll be speaking with a German accent.

Arrow Annotations - S02E10: "Blast Radius"

A look back at the comic references and Easter eggs from last night's episode of Arrow.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Dossiers - S01E12: Seeds

A look back at last night's episode of Agents of SHIELD.

Donal Logue Connected to New Gotham Show, Donal Logue Says "nuh-uh"

Latino Review drops another scoop that is, of course, denied from the actor.

'Constantine' Gets Pilot Order From NBC

Keanu may not have been the best Constantine, but television is about to give the character another chance.

Gotham TV Series to Be Less Gotham Central, More Arkham Hills 90210

The show will be like a Batman themed Smallville, apparently.

Bill Paxton Joins 'Agents of SHIELD'

Veteran actor Bill Paxton will be hanging out with Agent Coulson and the stoic bunch for a bit in the second half of season one.