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Vertigo Comics

Trillium #6 Preview

Chapter 6: 'Escape Velocity'

Vertigo Shocker: Vertigo Announces Quarterly CMYK Anthology

There are bodings in this article, and they aren't well.

Hinterkind #4 Preview

Vertigo's 6-page preview of 'Morlock Days'

Tom Strong And The Planet Of Peril #6 Preview

An advance preview of next week's last issue of this 6-issue mini-series

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Finalizing Deal to Make Sandman (Updated: Deal Finalized)

When satire turns real: JGL finalizing deal to produce, direct and star in Neil Gaiman's Sandman. (Update)

Burbank Move Not Boding Well for DC Vertigo Editors

Bad omens for the beleagured imprint as two editors will be abandoning ship before the move.

Astro City #7 Preview

A major new 4-part epic begins. Plus, Winged Victory’s origin is revealed at last.

Hinterkind #3 Preview

Who is 'The Man In The White Suit'?

First Look: Tom Strong And The Planet Of Peril #5

Vertigo's hot mini-series continues. Part 5 of 6: 'Sleeping Flames'

Affleck & Damon Producing Brubaker & Phillips' 'Sleeper'

Another DC property headed to the big screen for Warner Bros.

First Look: The Wake #5

If you think you know what THE WAKE is about, this issue changes everything.

More on Preacher TV Series

Looks like the Preacher TV show is a done deal, being produced by Sony.

Paul Dini & Eduardo Risso Creating Batman-related Vertigo Comic

What's the saying again?... This doesn't bode well for Vertigo?

AMC Orders Pilot of Vertigo's 'Preacher'

The Garth Ennis/Steve Dillon comic may try to fill the void Breaking Bad left at AMC. (Updated: Seth Rogen Talks Preacher)

Vertigo Shocker: Sandman Overture #2 Delayed til February

This doesn't bode well for...well, you get the idea.

Trillium #4 Preview

Chapter 4, 'Entropy'

So, You Say You Want A Revolution!

"Remember, remember, the fifth of November….”

Review Group #403 - Sandman Overture #1

This might make for the two most popular weeks since RU took over.

Tom Strong And The Planet Of Peril #4 Preview

#4 of 6, 'The Cavalier's Attitude'