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Sex Criminals #5 Preview

Yeah, I Googled it. Oppositional Defiant Disorder: a pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior toward authority figures

Wonder Woman #29 Preview

Possible SPOILERS inside, kids

Batgirl #29 Preview

'A Conspiracy Of Bats'

Justice League Of America #13 Preview

Stargirl and Manhunter's solo mission comes to an end. And inadvertently so does the purpose that this League was created for.

The Royals: Masters Of War #2, Astro City #10 Previews (UPDATED)

Previews of two Vertigo titles on sale March 12

Unity #5, Bloodshot And H.A.R.D. Corps #20 Previews

Previews of two Valiant titles on sale March 12

Magnus: Robot Fighter #1 Preview

THE GOLD KEY UNIVERSE IS EXPANDING! Superstar Fred Van Lente and Cory Smith present a stunning re-imagining of Magnus: Robot Fighter you never saw coming!

Constantine #12 Preview

Visions of the near future lead to 'Dreaming Of Blood'. This doesn't bode well for the fate of some DCU mystics.

Superman / Wonder Woman #6 Preview

Will this battle be 'To The Death'?

Green Lantern Corps #29 Preview

The 21st century history of the Durlans continues!

East Of West #10 Preview

In this issue we learn the importance of clear and concise bargaining language, especially when dealing with the supernatural.

Batman #29 Preview (UPDATED)

The 'DARK CITY' chapter of ZERO YEAR reaches its conclusion in this amazing, extra-sized issue!

Fantastic Four #2 Preview

'THE FALL OF THE FANTASTIC FOUR' - part 2 (and maybe they'll sort out if she's Sue Storm or Sue Richards)

Black Widow #4, Hawkeye #17 Previews

Natasha dishes about SHIELD salary rates! Hawkeye watches a weird animal Christmas TV special.

Avengers Undercover #1 Preview

Teen heroes! Masters of Evil! 'Breaking Bad' puns!