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Athena Voltaire and The Volcano Goddess #3, Cougar And Cub #1

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Athena Voltaire and The Volcano Goddess #3,  Cougar And Cub #1

Previews for two really fun Action Labs titles on sale January 18.

Source: Comics Continuum

Athena Voltaire's global adventure is drawing to a close. If you have been following this title then you definitely want to see how this concludes.
Cougar and Cub get their own ongoing title. Get ready for raunchy sexual innuendo and possibly a bit of metatextual commentary. Nerd Trivia: the Variant Cover C is an homage to 1952's Batman #73.




Athena Voltaire And The Volcano Goddess #3

The series starring the fan-favorite pulp heroine concludes. The Nazis stand on the precipice of harnessing the power of the Hollow Earth. To stop the ultimate evil from seizing world domination Athena Voltaire must fight them to the death atop an active volcano!

Written & Art by: Steve Bryant
Colors by: Jim Nelson
Covers by: Steve Byrant, J.K. Woodward
32 pages
$3.99 (US) / $4.99 (US) Variant Cover












Cougar And Cub #1

The courageous Cougar and the cunning Cub are Megaville's ferocious feline fighters, tussling with an outrageous rogues gallery and prowling the city for crime all the time. But when a slow night on the job turns into a saucy encounter in the sack, the age old question will finally be answered... what happens when a superhero has sex with their sidekick? Don't miss this sin-tillating new series from the creators of HOLY F*CK, with bombastic backups written by newcomer Rosie Knight! Plumb the depths of passion with our Love Is Gross variant, or take a trip to the golden age with our Flashback Backup variant cover!

Written by: Nick Marino, Rosie Knight
Art by: Daniel Arruda Massa
Covers by: Daniel Arruda Massa
32 pages
$3.99 (US) / $4.99 (US) Variant Cover





Homage comparison to Batman #73









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