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First Look: Postal #18

Written by IvCNuB4 on Sunday, February 12 2017 and posted in Previews

First Look: Postal #18

Eden: the town with zero tolerance for any crime. And for good reason.

Source: CBR Previews

Here is a six page preview for next Wednesday's new Postal. This title has been a sleeper hit for the Top Cow imprint. The plot follows FBI Special Agent Bremble's investigation into the hidden underside of Eden, a mysterious town where every resident is there for a reason, and no plans to ever leave. It's the town that you don't ever want to find yourself in if you don't belong there.  Bremble, the first Agent to ever gain entry, encounters some deeply disturbed townsfolk, uber-dysfunctional families, homicidal killers, and the occasional sociopath or two. Last issue surprised many fans with a very graphic gore scene that put The Walking Dead to shame. Putting the crazier aspects aside this title has also featured some incredibly powerful interpersonal moments between characters that has drawn readers in and had them yearning for more. And it has mysteries that keep you guessing.



The solicitation for this issue says:

FBI Agent Chris Bremble comes face to face with Isaac Shiffron, the sociopath who gave birth to Eden, and to find the truth of the past, Bremble will have to endure Isaac's madness. Laura puts Mark in charge of Eden to see if her son has the ability to lead a town full of criminals who don't trust or believe in him. His mother, Maggie, and Molly all have a vision for what Mark should be...but which path will he choose?

Written by: Bryan Edward Hill
Art by: Isaac Goodhart
Colors by: K Michael Russell
Cover by: Linda Sejic
32 pages
$3.99 (US)
On sale: February 15, 2017

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