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Get A First Look At 'Planet Of The Apes / Green Lantern #3'

Written by IvCNuB4 on Saturday, April 08 2017 and posted in Previews

Get A First Look At 'Planet Of The Apes / Green Lantern #3'

Rescue missions and long-hidden secrets turn up the heat.

Source: Previews World

Last month Sinestro made some big moves that lead directly into this issue. Over in the Lantern Universe-0 the Guardians revealed how attempts to modify the Phantom Ring (shown in current issues of Green Lanterns) resulted in creating the Universal Ring. This ring was even more dangerous than it's predecessor so the Guardians locked it away in the hyper-time shielded Ape-Universe. As that action has now come back to bite them in their little blue arses, a rescue mission is now being mounted to rescue the Lanterns trapped there. And wait until you see who Guy Gardner is bringing along for the ride.


The BOOM! Studios solicit for this issue says:

As Cornelius loses himself to the ring, Doctor Zaius and Sinestro uncover a grave truth about the Planet of the Apes. With Hal Jordan, Zira, and Nova on the hunt through the Forbidden Zone, Kilowog, Guy Gardner, and Arisia bring reinforcements.


Written by:
Robbie Thompson, Justin Jordan
Art by: Barnaby Bagenda
Colors by: Alex Guimarães
Covers by: Dan Mora, EM Gist (Movie), Paul Rivoche (Classic), Felipe Massafera (Spectrum), David Ryan Robinson (Action Figure)
32 pages
Regular Cover: $3.99 (US)
In shops: April 12, 2017

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