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The Wild Storm #5, Green Lanterns #25 (Previews)

Written by IvCNuB4 on Wednesday, June 21 2017 and posted in Previews

The Wild Storm #5, Green Lanterns #25  (Previews)

Covers and interior pages for two DC titles on sale June 21.

Source: Comics Continuum

Warren Ellis' The Wild Storm relaunch has been receiving great reviews. If you are not already reading his new take on the Wildstorm universe now is the time to jump onboard.
Volthoom's desperate search for the original seven Power Rings leads him to one that has survived. Even more surprising is that the current ring bearer is Jessica Cruz.



The Wild Storm #5

Michael Cray is dying. This doesn't stop IO from giving him one final job, to fix the world he's spent years killing for. Michael Cray, the best assassin in the world, is sent out to kill Angela Spica, the engineer who saved Jacob Marlowe's life and exposed the secret state she worked for. Lucy Blaze, investigating the chaos caused at Camp Hero by IO and a wild CAT, meets an old enemy -- and realizes an ancient war may be entering a new phase, at the worst possible time.

Written by: Warren Ellis
Art by: Jon Davis-Hunt
Colors by: Steve Buccellato
Covers by: Jon Davis-Hunt, Jim Lee & Scott Williams, Declan Shalvey
32 pages
$3.99 (US)












Green Lanterns #25

"Lost in Space," part four. In this extra-sized anniversary issue, Simon and Jessica adjust to a new status quo, while Volthoom's schemes advance as he impersonates a lost Guardian. With access to the Central Power Battery and the secrets of the universe at his fingertips, will the First Lantern finally achieve his ultimate goal?


Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Robson Rocha, Daniel Henriques
Colors by: Alex Sollazzo
Covers by: Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy, Brandon Peterson
40 pages
$3.99 (US)









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