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Dark Nights: Metal #6 (DC Comics Preview)

Written by IvCNuB4 on Wednesday, March 28 2018 and posted in Previews

Dark Nights: Metal #6  (DC Comics Preview)

DC's remaining heroes make their final stand against Barbatos' world-ending plans.

Source: Comics Continuum

Last issue was a crazy ride of action, suspense, the surprise return of a popular DC character, and several callbacks to Final Crisis. The biggest moment saw Wonder Woman seriously injured after being shot in the head with an Eighth Metal bullet by the Batman Who Laughs. Despite this she got back on her feet and led Kendra Saunders into battle against a horde of demons with a battle cry heard across the multiverse.



Scott Snyder has teased that before this issue is over readers will see a connection back to 2011's Batman #1, and Wonder Wonder taking a key role in this epic battle. 


Here's how DC Comics describes this final issue:

All roads darkness. In the devastating and epic conclusion to DC's cataclysmic event series, heroes from across the universe make their final charge into the unknown to battle the forces of the Dark Multiverse! Space and time, dreams and nightmares, all will collide -- and what is left at the end will leave the DC Universe irrevocably changed!


Written by:
Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion
Colors by: FCO Plascencia
Covers by: Greg Capullo, Tony Daniel, Andy Kubert, Jim Lee
32 pages
$4.99 (US)
In shops: March 28, 2018

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