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Outhouse Podcast #39 Ron Fortier Interview

Written by Brian Osserman and BKThomson on Wednesday, February 16 2011 and posted in Podcasts

Ron Fortier tells us all about his new Neutral World graphic novels from Moonstone! His latest Pulp Fiction Novels from Airship 27 Hangar! Mr. Jigsaw and lots more!


BKThomson once again captain's the Pirate Podcast for another interview show. Tonight's guest was Ron Fortier! A man with a long career working in the comic industry with notable pulp hero the Green Hornet as well provided scripts to for first works of some of the greatest artists in the industry. We start the show talking to him about his latest project he's working on with artist Joe Bennett. A new Sci-Fi epic series of Jack Kirby inspired graphic novels called Neutral World coming soon from Moonstone. From there we take a look back at some classic super-heroes and wonder why do some of the big two have such difficulty keeping the fun in these funny book characters. Doombug of New Comic Day sails in to ask Ron about Mr. Jigsaw Man of a Thousand Parts. Finally we dock in Tortuga and fill our bellies at Captain Jack's while Ron talks about his classic pulp hero publishing house Airship 27 and the challenges self-publishing in the print and digital age.

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Learn more about Ron Fortier at his home page Airship 27

You can find all of Mr. Jigsaw's parts at

Get more details and see more of the amazing art work from Neutral World at this link

Ron Fortier's Pulp Fiction Novels are not just in papperback.  They are available now in PDF format at this link as well!

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Written or Contributed by: Brian Osserman and BKThomson

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