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The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #44

Written by BKThomson aka Brad Thomson on Wednesday, March 16 2011 and posted in Podcasts

Comic book publisher Chris Staros visits the Pirate Podcast to talk about all things coming from Top Shelf Productions in 2011.


Chris Staros was on to show to talked the Pirate Podcast Panel of to BKThomson, ProzacMan, SuperginraiX and sdsichero about everything and anything Top Shelf Productions.

First up Chris gave a preview of Top Shelf Productions graphic novel releases in 2011.  He and Brad Thomson went over almost their entire line up covering INCREDIBLE CHANGE-BOTS TWO, LUCILLE, THE HOMELAND DIRECTIVE, CHESTER 5000, GINGERBREAD GIRL, and more!


Next Chris went into detail about the TOP SHELF KIDS' CLUB MONTH where the publisher will introduce new entries into their children line of books with OKIE DOKIE DONUTS, DRAGON PUNCHER, and PIRATE PENGUIN VS NINJA CHICKEN!


To close out our time with Chris he shared with us a story of the time he visited Alan Moore and was treated to an oral reading of LOST GIRLS by the great one.

After Chris departure the Pirate Podcast Panel ask the question, 'just how many red haired women are there in the Marvel Universe, and why?' Thor movie toys have hit the shelves at retailers and the ponderous questions of 'Why are there six versions of Thor and only one villain?' Or 'Does the Thor replica hammer really shoot a missile from the top?"  This and more typical comic book ramblings and high spirited fun on Episode#44 of the Outhouse Pirate Podcast so go give it a listen.

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