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Why I Love Comics #136 with Jim Zub!

On this episode of the podcast I was joined by Jim Zub co creator and writer of Skullkickers!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast Episode 162

Yes, we are still here, talking about all sorts of geeky stuff. This week: The Furious Xbone Edition.

Why I Love Comics #135 with The Venture Brothers and Javier Grillo-Marxuach

On this episode of the podcast Eric was joined by Doc Hammer and jackson Publick as the guys talk about the evolution of 21/Gary as a character, New York Comic Con, having Brock Samson appear in his...

The Enthusiast - Episode 16: Bad Enough Dudes

We've got a totally rad episode of The Enthusiast!

Why I Love Comics #134 the 3 amigo's!

On this episode of the podcast, George Amaru joins Eric and Jeremy as the 3 guys talk about Man of Steel, things they are currently reading, He-man and the masters of the Universe, GI Joe, some New...

The Weekly Chirp #1

New OH! writer Jim Gramm chats with his friends about everything pop-culture on this podcast.

Why I Love Comics #133 Ray's the dead with Ragtag Studio's!

On this episode of the podcast I was joined by Chris, Matt and Shawn to talk about their kickstarter for their game "Ray's the Dead" We talk about C2E2, PAX East, developing the game, forming a small...

The Enthusiast - Episode 14: That's How You Get Ants!

This is possibly our favourite show that we've done so far.

The Enthusiast - Episode 13: WWPRJD?

We didn't plan it, but Episode 13 ended up being a bit of a spooky one.

The Enthusiast - Special #2: You'll Never See Me Coming

We were lucky enough to catch Iron Man 3's midnight show, and as soon at was over we sat down with our good friend Haroon Mushtaq of Travelling Man comics to have a little chat about it.

Why I Love Comics #131 with Jonathan Coulton and Greg Pak!

On this episode of the podcast Eric is joined by Jonathan Coulton and greg Pak to talk about their awesome kickstarter "Code Monkey Save the World" They talk about how the project came to be, working...

The Enthusiast - Episode 12: Great at Boats

Okay, now I know the past few weeks each week has started with "We're back on a regular schedule this week" but I swear, we're back on a regular schedule this week....

The Enthusiast - Episode 10: Wibbly Wobbly, Timey Wimey

We’re back on track, no more hatred, much less wrestling, it’s vintage Enthusiast this week.

Why I Love Comics #130 Keyboard Warriors!

On this episode of the podcast Eric and Jeremy talk about the awesomeness that is Adventure time, the current happenings at DC, Bioshock Infinite, The New Warriors and so much more!

The Enthusiast - Special #1: Once in a Lifetime

It's the most wonderful time of the year, WrestleMania season!