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Why I Love Comic - Episode #20

Authors: Eric Ratcliffe...

Cammy's Comic Corner - Episode 153 (2/6/11)

Secret Six, Invincible, Hulk & more!

the Outhouse Pirate Podcast #37

Death of characters, Death of artists, Death of magazines, and Betting on when series will die. With all this carnage you know Danny Trejo involved some how!

Cammy’s Comic Corner - Episode 152 (1/30/11)

Uncanny X-Force, Scalped, Avengers & more!

Outhouse Pirate Podcast #36

Dragavon gets his DCU On, Oogyboy is the Pirates' New Toy, and ... did some thing really cool on the show that rhymes with Greg.

Why I Love Comics #19: Jason Burns



Jason Burns


Episode #19: In this week's Why I Love Comics, I...

Cammy’s Comic Corner - Episode 151 (1/23/11)

Memoir, Locke & Key, Hellblazer & more!

Cammy’s Comic Corner - Episode 150 (1/16/11)

Batgirl, Black Panther, REBELS & more!

The Outhouse Pirate Podcast #34

Marvel Management Madness? Red Lantern Ongoing? Will The Direct Market Make it Another Decade? Find Out On This Weeks Podcast!

Cammy’s Comic Corner - Episode 149 (1/9/11)

Sweet Tooth, Earp, She-Hulks & more!

The Outhouse Podcast #33

There was a hell of a party last Sunday on the live Pirate Podcast!

Cammy’s Comic Corner - Best of 2010 (I.M.H.O.)

Best of 2010, in my humble opinion